What Are The Paylines In Slot Games?


Payliners: Payline is amongst the most exciting factors contributing to the thrilling experience of slots games. As wonderful as payline is, very little attention is accorded to it. Essentially, their role should not be overlooked in contemporary slots because they perform a very active role in the formation of winning combinations.

Slot paylines are not such a difficult concept to understand. The reels and symbols form the basic aspects of a slots game genre. Forming a winning combination is a function of the symbol displayed and how the reels stop at that particular time. Payline is what tells you which combinations will give you a payout and the one that will not.

The game reads the pattern on the reel to determine when a winning spin has been established. It does the reading of the wheel beginning from the leftmost to the rightmost wheel Some there are some that read along a straight line while others read in a zig-zag style.

Paylines are predetermined, and they are static, unlike the result of a spin, which does not have a particular pattern. The game is programmed with a given number of paylines, which follow the same pattern. The player is required to spin a particular number of symbols along with only one payline to be able to form a winning combination.

Naturally, winning patterns start from the leftmost reel and continue along the payline, although unarranged symbols are exempted from this rule. A combination will always follow from the leftmost to the rightmost; it will never begin anywhere else.

Older slot machines used to have just a single payline running across the middle position on the 3 reels. Modernization has also taken its toll slot; things are done differently at present.

Online slots currently have the capacity to have something between 1 and 50 paylines, with the beautiful disparity between the various labels. Some feature just 9 paylines, while others have a payline capacity of 50 and even more. The aim of more paylines is to allow you to have more probability of hitting a winning permutation.

The slot paylines make or break the game for a player who takes on a slot machine. Some players would instead call it the betting line or winning line. The game awards a player an instantaneous win once the matching symbol is displayed on the payline.

Types of Paylines

Below we would be discussing two types of paylines available:

  • The Fixed Paylines

When playing in a fixed payline, you would be required to stake your bet on all paylines before attempting to spin the reels. The game automatically does the distribution of your bet across the entire paylines. Meaning if you place a 5-dollar bet on a 20-payline online slot, you will be betting 50 cents on each and every winning combination.

Here the game provides you, the player, many winning prospects through enticing bonuses. Therefore, offering you the opportunity to cash out bigger. There are slot paylines with wilds, free spins, and scatter symbols as an added excitement. No wonder many players choose the fixed payline.

  • The Variable Paylines

There are still players who prefer to play on variable slot paylines due to its flexibility. Some players like to call it adjustable payline, just because it allows for that liberty to place your bets only on your desired paylines. You don’t necessarily need to bet and activate all paylines.


Perhaps you are in a position where your bankroll is running low; adjustments can be made, letting you place your bets on smaller paylines to offer you a higher payout in the event that you win. Although, your chances of winning are lower. There is the possibility of missing a jackpot if the winning combination falls on a non-functional payline.

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