What are the Five Common Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic Injuries

When you suffer catastrophic injuries, you risk being permanently deformed. These injuries may affect your ability to perform your daily activities or enjoy life. Moreover, devastating injuries require intensive medical care.

Effective treatment of spinal injuries and broken bones is particularly expensive.

If you are not financially stable, these treatments will likely leave you in debt and dependent on other people.

Additionally, acatastrophic accident will leave you experiencing mental trauma whenever you remember the horrible experience you had to undergo.

Luckily, a catastrophic injury attorney can help you maximize your possibilities of receiving compensation if you or anyone you care about finds themselves in this situation.

This article will discuss the five most common catastrophic injuries you can suffer.

1. First, the Spinal Injuries

It is possible to suffer permanent spinal cord injuries following a severe accident. The trauma from the accident might strain the spine, leaving the nerves around it damaged.

The spinal cord is important because it is a bundle of nerves connecting the brain to the rest of the body.

Depending on where the spinal cord is injured, it can partially or completely paralyze your body, making you unable to move around and attend to your usual activities.

You can suffer catastrophic injuries from being hit by a car,playing your favorite games, or even through violence.

2. Second, Brain Injuries

Following the accident, you might sustain brain injuries if you receive a blow to the head.

Your brain is the central processing center for all you do, including coordinating your breathing, cognitive memory, and other vital body activities.

You can sustain brain injuries from falls, gunshots, explosions, medical complications, or car crashes.

3. Third, Burn Injuries

When you come into contact with excessive heat, radiation, or other chemicals, they may damage your skin tissues.

You may sustain first-, second-, and third-degree burns, depending on the extent of the burn.

Burn injuries will scar, disfigure, dehydrate, and infect your skin. You must be very active when in public to prevent yourself from sustaining burns.

4. Fourth, Eye Injuries

When your eye or the area surrounding the eye is infected with a disease, exposed to harmful radiation, or suffers a catastrophic accident, you might suffer a total loss of vision.

Injuries to the eye can affect every part of the eye, including the core and eyelid.

Eye injuries are usually very painful,with victims having to bleed through their eyes. It is not a very pleasant situation to be in.

5. Fifth, Amputation Injuries

At times, the severity of the injury might be so extensive that the victim might need to amputate some of their body parts.

For example, when the leg is damaged beyond what the medics might call an irreversible state, they might be forced to amputate it to prevent you from bleeding to death.

As you would expect, amputation causes the victim a lot of physical and emotional pain. Therefore, even as you go about your daily life, watch for instances that might result in a catastrophic injury.

Pay attention to oncoming traffic when on the road to avoid accidents that may impact your life forever.

In summation, catastrophic injuries have a lasting impact on the victims, their immediate families, and the community. They can impair our physical and psychological well-being.

However, you can prevent the effects of catastrophic injuries by being cautious, wearing protective gear, and going for treatment immediately when you suffer an injury, even a minor one.

When you or someone you value are victims of catastrophic injuries that left you severely injured, you may be entitled to a certain amount of compensation from the defendant who left you in your current state.

Therefore, contact a catastrophic injury attorney for guidance on how to approach the case.

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