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Watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online: Valimai is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written, directed by H. Vinoth and co-produced and co-produced by Bonnie Kapoor under Zee Studios under Bayview Projects LLP.

In addition, the Valimai dubbed in Telugu and other regional languages and released in the movie theatres alongside the Tamil version.

It revolves around a police officer, Arjun, who hired to track down a group of illegal bikers after he commits heinous crimes. So the film stars Ajit Kumar, Karthikeyan, Huma Qureshi, and Gurbani Judge.

Furthermore, Gibran composed the music for the film, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. And Neerav Shah handles the cinematography, while Vijay Velukutty handles editing.

Watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online – Synopsis


The movie Watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online, based on a notorious motorcycle gang, is wreaking havoc in the city of Vizag through the drug trade.

Moreover, Satan leads this gang. However, the police find it very difficult to catch him and bring in a high-ranking police officer, Arjun, to handle the case. But as time passes, Arjun’s brother also gets involved in the crime.

Watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online – Details


  • Directed by: H. Vinoth
  • Written by: H. Vinoth
  • Produced by: Boney Kapoor
  • Starring:        Ajith Kumar, Kartikeya Gummakonda, Huma Qureshi, Gurbani Judge
  • Cinematography:   Nirav Shah
  • Edited by:     Vijay Velukutty
  • Music by Score: Ghibran
    Songs: Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Production companies:    Zee Studios, Bayview Projects LLP
  • Distributed by: Zee Studios, Romeo Pictures, Gopuram Cinemas
  • Release date:  24 February 2022
  • Running time: 179 minutes
  • Country:      India
  • Language      Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
  • Budget           ₹150 crore
  • Box office est. ₹155.45–234 crores

How to Watch Valimai Telugu Movie Online – Movierulz

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Watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online- Trailer

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Watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online – Story

Some motorcycle gangs terrorize Chennai city. So the crime rate in the city is on the rise, with motorcycle gangs committing drug supply, chain theft, robbery and other crimes.

Therefore, Arjun Kumar fights IPS (Ajit) and tries to catch Wolfrana (Kartikeya), the mastermind behind the biker gangs.

So Wolfgang is caught in Arjun’s hands and then somehow freed. However, the rest of the story is about how Arjun gets his revenge and how Arjun finishes off Wolfgang.

Watch Valimai Telugu Movie Online  – Points in favour

Valimai has some of the craziest action sequences in South Indian cinema. So in this sense, both fans and the general public love action blocks.

Ajith has always been the right choice for the role of a policeman, and he is best suited for the role of Arjun in the film watch Valimai Telugu Full Movie Online. So his performance of him was intense.

Furthermore, Ajith is known for his bike riding skills, and he has every opportunity to prove it. So the bike stunts are multiple denouncing moments, so his fans love them.

However, it is worth mentioning that the camera performance is outstanding. Also, the chase scenes were shown as well as possible.

Huma Qureshi played decent in his supporting role of him. However last but not least, the Telugu hero Karthikeyan played the body decently. So he is playing his part perfectly in front of stars like Ajith.

Plus Points:

Valimai boasts of some crazy action sequences never seen in South Indian cinema. In this aspect, the fans and general audience will love the action blocks as they are adrenaline-pumping.

Ajith is known for his bike riding skills and has a complete chance to display them. His fans will love the bike stunts as they are multiple whistle-blowing moments. The camera work needs a special mention as it is outstanding. The chase scenes are shown in the best way possible.

Huma Qureshi is decent in her supporting role. Last but not least, Telugu hero Karthikeya has done an admirable job as the baddie. He does not get nervous in front of a star like Ajith and plays his role perfectly.

Minus Points:

Apart from the crazy action sequences, the film is filled with boring family drama. The so-called mother sentiment bores you to no extent. The film is filled with such boring scenes throughout.

The story of the film is simple and does not have many twists. The film could have been wrapped up in two hours, but sadly, director Vinoth drags the story.

Things take a lot of time to enter the main story as the villain is introduced quite late. In some scenes, the dull screenplay sidetracks the plot. When the action blocks come, the film looks good, but boredom creeps up once they are done.

Technical Aspects:

Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the BGM, which is quite good. The production values of the film are just outstanding. The production design of bike stunts gives the film an international appeal in several scenes. Editing is pathetic, as half an hour could have been easily chopped off.

The director, H Vinoth, has made some crazy films like Khaki in the past. But the drama and grip are missing with his direction in Valimai. The film would have been quite good had he kept the unnecessary drama out of the picture.


All in all, Valimai is a mediocre action thriller that has some of the best stunts in southern cinema.

Anyone who loves Ajith and action thrillers can give this movie a shot. But it was also full of boring drama. And prepared for the slow pace and lagging into the narrative.


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