Top Nomos Glashutte Watch Every Collector Must Look Out For

Nomos Glashutte

The Nomos Glashutte watch timepiece is from a German brand, and it is famous worldwide because of its attractive look with its understated timepieces. This watch is available on the market way back in 1990, and it is still available up until this present time. It has a minimalist design for people who are fans of watches. The details of it define the creation of this classic style watch.

Tangomat Nomos 601/641

The Nomos Tangente is a unique and classic watch with a simple and basic hand watch, and this is one of the best-selling designs made since the start of the production of the Nomos Glashutte watches. It has a unique and vintage watch design with a Bauhaus dial that features a mix of Arabic forms. The watch has a touch of a blue thermal handset that offers a stunning look at its white dial.

The Tangomat watch is designed for an automatic wristwatch made and inspired by the design of the first-ever caliber DUW 5001. The watch’s movement is powered by 27 jewels that offer the functions of time that are similar to its Alpha Caliber style and design that included sub-seconds, minutes, and hours. It has a case of steel that possesses crisp lines and an angular style and shape.

The Tangent Design is thicker and more extensive that offers more aura and presence on the wrist. If people have a watch that looks clean and good with a classic style and design, the Tangomat watch is the perfect watch that is best for you. It collaborated with the Black shell strap Horween, priced at 2360 Euro for the 601 series and 2580 Euro for the 641 series.

Orion Nomos 301/309

The Nomos Orion also has a classic and formal design that can fit every person who loves to wear formal attire like a suit and tie. This watch design has an off-white dial color, but there is also a silver dial that lights and shines on its side if you look closely. It also has an hour with a baton shape that has a depth in the Golden tone. It also adds warmth and zing to its plain dial.

The minute and the second markings are formed and represented on the black printed sticks to have a minimalistic design of their Orion. It has a stainless steel quality and design with 34mm that has flowing and curved lines. The 35mm diameter can be small in this current time because most watches are more elegant and have other styles.

The movement in the 301 references of Orion is a good quality of the caliber alpha timepiece. It has a wound movement and 16 jewels that can only give and offer the function of the time of its seconds, minutes, and hours. It is designed perfectly for using a Glashutte blue and ribbing screws that have a sapphire crystal case.

Metro Nomos 1101

Almost all of the Nomos watches have a unique and traditional design that gives a rugged look for people who love to wear it as their everyday watch. Nomos watches are capable of designing and inventing a playful clock like the Metro Nomos. It has the same cover and case as the other Nomos watches with a different style of design. But most people will love to choose this watch because it gives them a stunning design that attracts a lot of people.

The Metro has a 37mm steel that will watch a balanced appeal for both men and women. It also has a wired lug and a unique case that will look like the trench watches invented in the past. The main attraction is its dial because it has no other design that will look like the Metro 1101.

Nomos Zurich 807

With our technology’s fast growth today, many people are connected to others even if they are very far away from each other. But people still need a watch to keep track of their time wherever or whenever they are. The Nomos Zurich will keep track of any time zone all over the world. It will sound impossible, but it will surely help a lot of people, especially watch lovers.


If you are a fan of watches, you must also be a fan of the Nomos Glashutte watch. This watch is a luxury watch that has been one of the most favorite timepieces in Germany, and it is designed for almost 25-30 years up until this current time. From the summer style watches to the dress watches, this watch has been the basis of all women’s and men’s watches that are covered.


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