Top 10 Types Of Bags That Every Woman Should Have


Bags never go out of fashion and when it is a women’s bag, they have to be fashionable. There is a saying, “never peep into a woman’s bag” but no one tells you why! We think it’s because you would get lost in it.  No woman in her sane mind would say no to bags, considering the variety we have in this category.

Today, there are so many types of bags for women. Yet every woman carries off every single bag with her own style and elegance. Women’s bags are made in so many varieties and different designs that it’s hard to pick one as a must-have in your kitty. So, if you are wondering what kind of bags would go great with your style, you have come to the right place. Here at Hotcakeshop, we have listed 10 types of bags that every woman should have.

1. Clutch

A clutch is a small handbag that is slim and can fit mostly money and a cell phone. It is usually suitable for a dress or traditional wear. A clutch looks chic and fashionable and gives you an effortless look. You can carry it to places, where you do not have to carry many things. With a clutch, just carrying the bare essentials is good enough!

2. Wallet

A small wallet is hidden within a bigger bag. This is one of the most important parts of a woman’s bag, as it carries all the important documents like debit and credit cards, identity cards, and cash. It also serves as a go-to bag/purse a woman can carry to buy groceries or random small stuff. A wallet goes well when you sport the minimalistic look.

3. Tote

Totes are every woman’s favorite type of bag. A tote is a huge stylish bag that can carry everything into it. Totes are more of a daily-use bag. You can use it while going to college, work, or visiting a friend. Tote bags are stylish, effortless, and versatile like Burberry bags. They complement all kinds of outfits.

4. Saddlebag

A saddlebag is a medium-sized bag that rests on your shoulder and carries all the things you need in one place. A saddlebag may look small, but it surely does carry most of your stuff. It is like a mini tote, but a more stylish version of the same. You can carry off saddlebags well with dresses, shorts, or skirts. The best part of saddlebags is that you can carry almost everything you want in them.

5. Crossbody bag

These are some of the most common bags apart from the totes. These are the bags that you see most celebrities carrying. Crossbody bags come with one long strap that can be carried along the length of your shoulder or waist, according to your preference. These are great choices when you want to pull them off with a summer dress or causal minimalistic jeans and top look.

6. Backpack

A backpack is a very unisex approach towards bags. Backpacks, considered one of the most useful bags in the market today, come in many shapes and sizes. They can carry most of the stuff you would want for a short trip, or your daily commute to college, office, etc. Although there are cute stylish mini backpacks too that can carry some of your important things,  we recommend you carry a proper backpack for traveling. For a short trip that needs clothes for a day or two, these backpacks can work well for you. They go best with shoes especially if you’re going hiking or trekking.

7. Duffel bag

The ultimate travel bags are duffel bags. Duffel bags can fit clothes, accessories, and even your laptop sometimes. This bag can fit clothes that you require for up to 5 to 6 days, making it one of the most practical yet stylish bags for women. This bag is bigger than a tote but smaller than a suitcase. If you want to carry off that perfect airport look that celebrities seem to ace, you have got to invest in a good duffel bag!

8. Office bag

Office bags are trendy and stylish. Their sleek look and slim design make them even more fashionable than what they are already. They are the best to carry your laptops in, and they accentuate your corporate attire very well. These office bags go amazingly well with blazers and shoes. They are so much in trend today that it seems like they are the new totes.

9. Wristlet

Not many women are fans of wristlets and we know why. Wristlets are the type of bags you may have in your wardrobe, but will never use because they are so tiny. These cannot hold a lot of stuff inside. However, they look really well in all types of clothes, because of their compact size. They are called wristlets because they can be worn on your wrists easily. These were in vogue in the 90s and had women swooning over them. However, with lots of other varieties to pick and choose from, the demand for wristlets has slowly come down.

10. Fanny pack

The fanny pack has been making a lot of noise and creating ripples in the fashion industry. This type of bag should be tied around the waist, which makes it look super stylish, elegant, and sexy at the same time. It looks perfect on causal jeans and goes amazingly well with dresses, too. The fanny pack is a must in every girl’s wardrobe, because it transforms one’s look magically, within an instant.

Well, while your clothes are important to sport the latest trends, we like to tell you that your look would still be incomplete if you haven’t carried the right bag. With so many different patterns and sizes of bags available, the women of today are definitely spoilt for choice. However, we hope that our top 10 recommendations listed above will help you choose the right bag so that you can create a new fashion statement, wherever you go.

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