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Tips To Help You Navigate Single Life

Single Life

Sometimes, wherever you look, it can feel like everyone is in a relationship, especially if you’re single. It’s hard to see people loved up in public or even just displaying affection in a neutral way and not to feel at least a little jealous, but that’s partly down to how society ascribes value to people. The truth is that there’s plenty to love about the single life, but you need to approach it in the right way. Here are 10 of our best tips for navigating a single existence and finding inner peace while you’re doing it!

1. Learn to love being single

The first thing to realise is that being single can be just as rewarding and fulfilling as being in a relationship. Sure, you might feel a little lonely at night, but you can surround yourself with friends and fun activities to stave that feeling off. Being in a relationship can be comforting, but it can also be stifling, so being single allows you to do whatever you like and be as impulsive as you want to. The right person will come along sooner or later, but until they do, just enjoy being who you are!

2. When you do want to meet someone, hit up the dating apps

Dating these days is all about having an online presence. Whether it’s via websites or on a mobile app, you need to make sure you’re downloading the best dating apps available in order to stand the best chance of meeting someone new. Research from Betway indicates that dating apps regularly rank among the top 100 apps in various countries around the world, suggesting that lots of singletons are downloading these apps and waiting for you to meet them! Check out this infographic for a more in-depth look at dating apps across the globe.

3. Learn more about yourself

Being single can be a prime opportunity for learning more about who you really are. Many of us define ourselves by our partners; what they want and how we can compromise are often at the forefront of our minds when we’re with people. However, when you’re alone, you can truly take a step back and examine your personality. Spend some time figuring out your hobbies, your goals, and your standards, and don’t let a recent breakup or prolonged period of being a single factor into that examination.

4. Go out and meet people

You might be wondering why some women can attract beautiful men without saying a word? Do you wish you could walk into a room and immediately be surrounded by handsome men? With our complete line of female pheromones, you, too, can live the life of your dreams. So you can also draw any man you want and drive him crazy for you.

We don’t even necessarily mean that you should go on as many dates as you can (although, if that’s your thing, you do!). Rather, it’s a good idea to join some clubs or hobby groups so that you can meet new friends. Being single can feel somewhat lonely, especially if you’ve recently suffered a breakup and many of your friends aren’t getting in touch anymore. Look for groups that reflect your interests and inquire about joining them. You’d be surprised just how much this can enrich your life!

5. Wait

We can’t stress this enough: a great relationship will come with time. If you allow yourself to rush into any romantic situation, then you may end up making decisions you regret, which isn’t a good idea for your long-term future. Spend some time by yourself and acclimate to being single before you embark on another relationship journey; you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to reacquaint yourself with single life. When you’re ready, the right person will come along in time.

6. Don’t neglect your health

The temptation might be to simply let things like healthy eating and exercise fall by the wayside when you’re single. However, you should still be looking after yourself, even if there’s nobody to “impress”. It can be hard to eat healthy when you’re single, but by cooking smaller portions, saving food for leftovers, and buying single-use snacks, you can maintain a good diet. Exercise, too, doesn’t have to be difficult; try taking regular walks outdoors or joining a gym.

7. Go to shows, movies, and other places alone

It’s time for us, as a society, to lift the stigma around going to gigs and movies alone. When you go to a show on your lonesome, you’re able to enjoy the music and the atmosphere without worrying about whether the person you’re with is also immersing themselves in it like you are. There can be safety issues, of course, but a well-staffed venue should be able to deal with those. Cinemas, too, can be great places for solitary contemplation.

8. Hone your creative skills

Everyone has a creative side. Whether you’ve ever explored this aspect of yourself or not, there’s a creative genius within you waiting to get out, and while you’re single is the best possible time to explore that. Try writing, painting, or even composing music, and see if any creative disciplines fire up your soul. This also has the added bonus of helping you to meet people; when you have a shared interest in common, bonding with another person is that much easier.

9. Let yourself feel sad once in a while

Single Life: While being single is nowhere near the miserable experience some have said it is, it can occasionally be a little depressing – just like being in a relationship can be. It’s important to let yourself be sad and to process those feelings in a healthy way. Media bombards us with messages about living our best lives and being our best selves, but sometimes you don’t have to put in that extra effort; you can just allow yourself to feel the emotions you’re feeling, and accept that this is normal.

10. Don’t compromise when you do meet someone

Single Life: No relationship is worth compromising your sense of individuality. If you have successfully used your single period to get more in touch with yourself, then don’t let any prospective partner take that away from you. Being single can be a valuable learning experience, but you’ve got to put those lessons into practice on a regular basis, including if you do end up entering into another relationship. Always stay true to yourself, no matter what.

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