How To Introduce Your Tween/Teen to Bras

Teen to Bras

Do you have a tween or teenager who has started to show? It could be time to introduce your daughter to wearing a bra.

However, you may not know how to approach the subject and what types of bras to start with.

You can have her fill out the bra size test , but if she hasn’t worn a bra in the past, she may need more information and help. Therefore, consider these tips.

Start a Conversation

When it is time for your daughter to start wearing a bra, you will likely need to have a conversation with her.

She may recognize that her friends have started wearing them and wonder when she needs to start. Avoid blunt or careless words that can make her feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

Do not tease her either.

Instead, talk about your experiences and gently show her that she needs to start wearing a bra. Make sure you talk in a private location, and avoid putting pressure on her.

Prioritize Comfort

Your daughter will choose whether or not to wear a bra based almost solely on comfort. If the bra hurts or feels awkward or uncomfortable, she likely won’t wear it.

Therefore, as you choose a bra, search for the most comfortable options at first.

First, make sure you have her measured so you can purchase the right-sized bra.

When a bra is the wrong size, it can hurt and move around. The straps may slip, causing her to constantly pull them back up.

It can cause her breast tissue to bulge out of the top or the band to rise up. All these challenges can impact the comfort of your daughter’s bra.

Choose comfortable fabrics as well. Consider cotton options. Her nipples may be overly sensitive, so avoid fabrics that could chafe, such as scratchy tulle, sequins or lace.

Seek Protection and Modesty

You want your daughter to feel confident as she starts wearing a bra. Therefore, choose options that protect her modesty and protect her body.

The bra should provide full coverage and maybe a little padding so others can’t see her girl buds.

The bra should be relatively traditional or plain as she gets used to it. Just make sure she feels protected.

Start With Wireless

Your daughter’s first bra should be wireless. Consider searching for the best wireless bra for tweens or teens.

She likely does not have enough breast tissue that she needs the support of underwire bras. In addition, wired options are often uncomfortable.

Have Fun Shopping for a Bra

Make your shopping experience fun. You should have her measured, which can be uncomfortable. However, you can make the rest of your shopping fun.

Help her pick out a few bras, but do not do it for her. You can also encourage her to wear them by purchasing a few tops or outfits that will look great with her new bras.

If you have other daughters who already wear bras, you can ask them to join the shopping trip. Your daughter may also want to invite a friend who already wears a bra for peer suggestions.

Whether you start with an online bra size chart or go to a lingerie store, focus on remaining supportive and helpful as you introduce your daughter to wearing a bra.

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