Tea Variants – Green Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea – Definition, Concept.

Tea Variants - Green Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea - Definition, Concept.

We analyze the three most valuable and popular Tea variants that can found, their origins, and their health and day-to-day benefits. We refer to Green, Red, and Black Tea, tea variants each one of the tea variants with its particular that provide unique personality.

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GREEN TEA One Of The Tea Variants

GREEN TEA One Of The Tea Variants

It obtains from the plant, mainly distributed in China, Vietnam, and Japan.

These cultures revolved around tea, being common that it was the character of important rituals and ceremonies in his honor.

Today it is possible to obtain it as dried leaves for use as an infusion in the form of bottled cold tea or even packaged and processed as a nutritional supplement.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is rich in polyphones, and these are molecules related to flavonoids, substances widely known for their antioxidant effects.

It can inhibit some processes related to the metabolism of fatty acids, which contributes to reducing body fat, in addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of the individual? , protects the cardiovascular system.

These substances are also capable of improving the functioning of the nervous system.

The production of some neurotransmitters modulates to the feeling of well-being, happiness, and anxiety.

It has shown that green tea is capable of promoting the development of new connections between neurons, which is related to memory and learning capacity.

The people who regularly consume this type of tea have a lower risk of developing degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

Effects of Green Tea

All these described effects contribute to a lower risk of developing the leading chronic diseases that affect the western world.

Such as cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes), metabolic problems also insulin resistance and diabetes, and even cancer, which ultimately explains why green tea can increase longevity.

The proportion is not the same in all presentations of green tea.

Process of Green Tea

Green tea processing can decrease your antioxidant content making it an excellent choice tea prepared at home.

The ideal way to prepare the infusion is to add boiling water to a cup or container in which the tea leaves have previously placed.

The perfect ratio is one teaspoon of tea for each cup of water, stir and let be cool. If it is to be drunk hot, it can also be placed in the refrigerator if cold tea is preferred.

If you want to increase its antioxidant power, it is advisable to add a few drops of lemon, since vitamin C contributes to better.

RED TEA Is Another Type Of Tea Variants

RED TEA Is Another Type Of Tea Variants

The red tea is obtained from leaves of the tree, the same of which comes green tea.

Only these subject to a very different type of processing makes also vary the properties of this plant.

Process of Red Tea One Of Tea Variants

Initially, the leaves from which this type of tea obtain are green.

Once cultivated, they are compressed and dried.

This change in color achieves when the tea reaches fifty to sixty years in this process.

Once ready for consumption, it package compressed and wrapped in paper in the form of small bricks.

Until the time of use, it may continue to undergo the fermentation process, as long as it keeps in a cool place with low humidity and away from the sun.

As with other types of tea, it should be placed in the water near the boiling point but not yet boiling, after which it is covered and allowed to steep for a few minutes before being ingested.

This tea has rich in antioxidants, with a low amount of components present in other types of tea, such as caffeine and tannins.

Effects of Red Tea

Red Tea has associated with beneficial effects mainly of the metabolic type.

It has a fat-burning effect that reduces body weight and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. It also decreases insulin resistance, so it has a protective effect on the liver.

These effects help prevent high blood pressure and its complications such as heart failure and strokes.

In addition to this, red tea has a beneficial effect on the immune system, leading to increased resistance to developing both infections and various types of tumors.

BLACK TEA Is One Of The Best Tea Variants

BLACK TEA Is One Of The Best Tea Variants

The black tea obtained a variety of tea plants, the same as green tea and red tea.

In the black tea, this achieved by using aged leaves and stems, which changes its properties and its effects on the body, in addition to its appearance and flavor.

One of the main effects of black tea is its ability to stimulate mental activity, which translates into greater alertness and intellectual activity.

That is related to the fact that black tea contains a higher amount of caffeine than other tea varieties.

Learning black tea involves understanding its history, production methods, different varieties, and health benefits.

Black tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves, which are first withered, rolled, and fermented before being dried and sorted. This oxidation process gives black tea its characteristic dark color and robust flavor. Black tea originated in China and became popular in Europe during the 17th century.

There are many different types of black tea, including Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon, Keemun, and Lapsang Souchong, each with its unique flavor profile.

Process of Black Tea

The process the leaves undergo until they convert into ready-to-drink tea.

This processing allows the leaves to dry and wilt. And subjected to an environment with controlled temperature and humidity. So that will enable the oxidation of various components present in the sheet to take place.

Effects of Black Tea

A significant effect is its ability to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Also while helping to raise blood pressure in people with low blood pressure, which improves brain circulation.

The effect of black tea on the walls of the arteries. Besides being evident that they reduce the risk of presenting the thickening and hardening of the artery wall that characterizes disorders such as arteriosclerosis.

It has also seen that in people who have had heart attacks. And those who had the habit of drinking regularly, black tea had a lower risk of dying from these events.

Benefits of Black Tea

The benefits of black tea on the metabolism have also described, characterized by a decreased risk of developing disorders.  Such as osteoporosis, as well as the appearance of kidney stones.



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