Some Rare Must-Have Mobile Apps For 2022

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps: Mobile phones are a big part of all of us today. The vast utility of these devices make them a must-have at any time of the day and most times, leaving the house without them feels like going out without shoes.

Regardless of the operating system, what makes mobile devices tick is the range of apps that are made available on them. These apps enable us to socialize, inform ourselves, have fun in the craziest ways and even become our favourite celebrities for a short while.

While there are many widely popular mobile apps, some accumulating billions of downloads across all devices; there are other apps that are less popular.

Some of these less popular apps have great utility and are a must-have for any device. So, which of these apps are a must-have for 2022?

1. Blokada

We’re all tired of irritating ads constantly popping up every time we’re browsing through our favorite sites or using our favorite apps. These ads slow our phones down and generally just inconvenience us. But now, there’s a solution for that.

With the Blokada app, a free open-source application that uses DNS servers to block ads and trackers on mobile devices, you’re guaranteed improved privacy and freedom from ads when using your mobile device.

This app is available on both android and iOS platforms.

2. Tubemate

How many times have you come across a really interesting video on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram and thought about downloading them but didn’t have the means?

Well, Tubemate is an app that lets you download your favorite videos from any social media site. Videos can be downloaded at any quality and the download speed is incredibly fast.

Unfortunately, this app is only available on android.

3. Mobdro

Mobdro is a free video streaming app that curates the best video content from YouTube and presents them in one place for users to enjoy.

Mobdro also grants users free access to some cable network channels like ESPN where they can enjoy some of their best content.

Mobdro catalogues videos into unique categories and presents them to its users in any language of their choice. Like Tubemate too, this app is only available on android.

4. PlayZee App

The Playzee app lets online game lovers enjoy their best casino bonuses and games on mobile devices including android and iOS.

This app has a great catalogue of games like blackjack, slots and video poker that are fun to play for leisure, but also lets players win real money.

5. Voice dream reader

If you love to read, but need someone else to read to your hearing while you give your eyes much needed rest, then voice dream reader is the app for you.

This app which is available on both android and iOS platforms converts text-to-speech and reads your documents aloud to you in any of the 36 built-in voices.

What’s more interesting, with this app, you can scan hard-copy documents and read them out to you. The only downside to this app is that it’s a paid app; although you only make a one-time payment.

6. Castbox

If you’re one that loves listening to podcasts of any sort, then Castbox is the app for you. With over 50 million podcasts and 95 million volumes of content, Castbox has something for everyone in every language.

This app is free to download on android, iOS and several other platforms, but offers subscription-based premium content.

7. Libby

Libby is another app for book lovers. Rather than constantly having to spend on downloading e-books, Libby lets you search your local library using your library card for any digital media they have.

That way, you can borrow any book you need from participating libraries, so long as the book is in its digital format.

The Take-Away

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. But with all of these apps, you’re sure to fill have fun and learning-filled New Year.  Do take advantage of all of these apps.

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