Six Key Things to Do when Selecting a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Nursing Home

Choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility where your loved one can feel safe and secure is one of the most important decisions you will need to make.

Many people find themselves in this situation when their elderly loved one has a health crisis or a life-changing injury.

You want a nursing home where your elderly loved one will be comfortable and give you peace of mind.

Therefore, you must know what to check to have confidence that the home you pick will be the best for your family member. Here are six key things you should keep in mind when choosing a nursing home for your elderly loved one.

1. Involve Your Family

Before you begin looking for a nursing home, it is crucial that you discuss with the family first. Everybody needs to be on the same page about moving your loved one to a facility.

Involve the parent and everyone else in the family. It will be easy to find something that suits your parent.

2. Visit the Facility

Another vital thing you must do is to visit the facility. Visiting gives you a glimpse into what it will be like to live there. Your loved one may prefer in home care Washington, D.C., with the notion that people are mistreated in nursing homes.

Visiting a nursing home first before placing your loved one there is crucial to confirm it is a place where you would like them to be and where they will receive care and respect.

Tour the facility to learn about the place and staff members. It can be a good idea to choose a nursing home close to home so you can visit frequently.

3. Consider the Kind of Care They Need

Knowing the type of care your loved one needs will also direct you to the right facility to choose.

Remember, nursing homes and other service providers like Capital City Nurses offer different types of care from independent living to skilled care and medical care.

Understand their needs so you know what is best for them.

Additionally, help them understand that the decision you are making is geared towards their welfare.

4. Ask for Recommendations

Your friends, relatives and other people who have elderly parents in nursing homes can be a great source of trustworthy information. Ask them for recommendations or help with finding quality nursing home.

If their elderly loved one has great experience in the facility, there is a better chance yours will have a good one too.

5. Trust Your Gut

Always trust your gut. If you feel something is not right, especially when you visit the facility, don’t take your loved one there. However, you can ask for clarification too.

When you go to the facility, take note of everything from the way the staff treat the residents to the cleanliness of the facility, types of meals provided and other important things.

6. Ask Questions

When you visit the nursing home, make sure you have all the relevant questions you want to ask. Ask them about the type of services they offer and their visiting hours.

Ask about the kind of security they offer to the people in the facility and whether they have emergency call systems in the room.

You can also ask them about the social activities they offer in the facility for the residents.


It is crucial to find a comfortable nursing home where your elderly parent can live in peace and love.

So, involve your family, visit the facility and ask people to recommend you. Make sure you also know the care your loved one needs and ask questions to know more about the facility.

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