Silicone vs. Plastic Phone Case: Which Is Better?

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When selecting a mobile phone case, there’re a lot of factors that you need to take into account. The important factors that you need to analyze are the features of your phone and the way the owner uses his phone. The rubberized mobile hard cases & iPhone x silicone case are low-impact options for mobile phone protection. Both are suitable in some instances.

Look At Silicone Cases:

The silicone iPhone cases are generally made up of the material known as Polyurethane. This polyurethane is an inexpensive phone case material available in soft and hard form. This plastic material is molded in the desired shape as well as is simple to recycle. Since it is molded easily, the mobile phone case that is made from plastic will have a lot of customized patterns and designs. Thus, if you want the fashioned and designed case, silicone cases will be the right choice in this market. They will offer your iPhone phones complete protection and they will make your phones a bit different using designs on them.


Thermoplastic Polyurethanes are made of elastic, plastic, rubber. When your phone gets a fierce collision, then the TPU case will highly protect the phone without any kind of damage. They’re considered the best type of defense & protection from a collision. TPU is mainly transparent in the color and they do not include the design usually, however as far as protection is concerned, then they are one of the best at present. Before making any kind of decision for these covers, you have to know the features & usefulness.

Plastic covers –This protects the structure of your phone since it is made from plastic. There’re colors and designs available for the specific phone models. Generally, it works very well in outdoor environments.
Fabric –The covers are made from cotton, wool, and polyester is to add up your phone’s attractive looks. Also, they provide very little protection than the phone demands.
Silicone cases – These covers are made to extend the life of ordinary cases and are made from plastic & similar liquids. However, these designer iPhone assures the phone’s safety all along with preventing cracks and scratched. They’re light weighted, and for this reason, it is very popular among the smartphone users.

Size & Fit

Every case fits safely, generally covering the whole phone except the screen, input ports, and buttons. The silicone covers include a single piece of silicon, which stretches over your phone. Because silicone covers your iPhone like the skin, the case adds very less amount of bulk to your phone. The plastic covers include 2 pieces that will slide together around the phone. The plastic case will add bulk to your phone size than the silicone cover; but, it adds very less bulk than the rubber cover. Irrespective of the style, you should select the cover specific for your phone type to make the sure right fit.

Now you have known the various benefits of the different materials, you must make sure of why you must get the silicone case for the device. Even though buying the cover is your preference, it’s much better you do prior research. The customized or personalized cases are desirable according to the current trends. You may refer to the online store in case you wish to order an iPhone x silicone case in your dream design, color, quote, or photo. Thus, give your iPhones regular style a different and beautiful skin and flaunt this very proudly. Even though most of the retailers sell silicone and plastic cases with character designs or other decorative personalization, the plastic case allows you to be a designer.

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