Coronavirus: 5 Ways To Stay Safe


Coronavirus: COVID 19 has spread its wing again and everyone has started taking necessary precautions. COVID 19 spread through close contact between person to person. The ideal distance that needs to be maintained is 6 feet. In most of the cases the symptoms do get noticed but sometimes in few cases of people who are suffering from COVID 19 do not show any symptoms. Generally, with COVID reinfection cases are very less. Generally, people suffering from COVID 19 produce respiratory droplets, and the infections spread through these droplets when they are inhaled or get deposited on the mucous membranes. These respiratory droplets can travel further from one person to another and cause the infection.

Sometimes the COVID 19 infection can be spread when the virus in the respiratory droplets lingers in the air for a few minutes to hours. This virus then can also infect the person who is even maintaining the social distancing. COVID 19 infection spread is referred to as airborne transmission and it spreads the way other diseases like chickenpox, tuberculosis, and measles. Till now there is no sure-shot way to treat COVID 19 virus but we can certainly prevent its transmission. There are many ways through which we can control its transmission. Today we will discuss a few of the ways which would help you with this.

Always Wear A Mask

Coronavirus: The very first way to protect yourself from COVID 19 is to use the mask. Everyone with the age of 2 years and above should wear a mask especially when you are roaming around in public. Even if you are following the social distance, make sure you always wear a mask. If someone at your place has got infected due to the COVID 19 virus then make sure the rest of the people should wear the mask at home all the time. Make sure you wash or sanitize your hands before wearing the mask. While wearing the mask make sure to cover the nose and mouth properly. Even if you are traveling outside by bus, train or plane it is essential to wear a mask.

Get Vaccinated

Coronavirus: After a lot of research, scientists have finally come up with a vaccine to control the transmission of the COVID 19 virus. There are various centres set up by the government where you can easily get yourself vaccinated. Even after the vaccination, one has to follow all the other precautions such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently, etc.

Keep A Distance Of 6 Feet With Each Other

Social distancing is known to be one of the most important aspects to control the coronavirus. As per medical experts, it has been advised that one should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from another person. If you are at home and someone is sick at your place then make sure to avoid close contact with him or her. Try to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet with that person if possible. If you are roaming outside or travelling then make sure to follow the rule of 6 feet here as well. You would need to remember that some people do not show any symptoms of COVID and they can still spread the virus. If you notice someone is sick or not well around you then make sure you maintain the proper distance from him. If you wish to get any medicines for the person then make sure you get the online prescriptions.

Wash Hands Frequently

Washing your hands frequently with any soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds is always advised to kill the germs and bacteria. If you use your hands for blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing then make sure to wash your hands immediately. The same thing is applicable if you have been to a public place. Try to wash your hands frequently at least before eating or preparing the food, after using the restroom, before touching the face, after handling your mask, after leaving from a public place, after changing the diaper and after touching any animals or pets. If you are travelling outside continuously and do not get a chance to wash your hands frequently then in that case you can use the sanitiser to clean your hands. Make sure the sanitiser that you get should contain at least 60% of the alcohol. Make sure to never touch your nose, eyes or mouth with unsanitized or unwashed hands.

Avoid Going In A Crowded Area

Here comes the last tip of the day. Avoiding crowds is another effective way to control the transmission of the virus. Hence make sure not to visit crowded places such as movie theatres, restaurants, bars, gyms etc. If you are staying indoors then make sure you let the fresh air get into your place.

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