The 6 Main Branches of The Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

A summary of the scientific disciplines classified as natural sciences. How we breathe, how our heartbeats, how the force of gravity works, what lightning is, what water made of these are aspects that have often captivated humans, and led them to try to find an explanation.

This has directed the development of many ideas in this regard. After the emergence of science, different disciplines have been interested in answering the other questions posed to us.

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Throughout this article, we will see the branches of natural sciences, one of the most important scientific fields.
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Natural Science

There are multiple objects of study in science and a great variety of disciplines dedicated to studying them. The combination is so great that classifications have often made on it. The best known and probably one of the simplest (and to a certain extent arbitrary) is the one that divides the natural and social sciences.

Regarding the former, we can find that those branches that are in charge of studying the natural world, its composition and functioning, form part of this group—for example, all the above criteria reviewed by different branches of the natural sciences.

To speak of natural sciences is to talk about the type of questions that human beings have been asking about the universe since the dawn of time, being probably the oldest of all sciences. The natural sciences are all that set of scientific disciplines that have a common characteristic that they have as their object of study the raw (material) world and the phenomena that occur in it.

They also have in common that it is generally the type of science that has focused the most on seeking an explanation away from subjectivity and based on evidence and those more related to the mathematical field and logic. This helps because, in general, their object of study is directly visible or perceptible (something that, in the case of social sciences, is much more complex to achieve, which is why they have always seen as more subjective). Within the natural sciences, we can find a great diversity of disciplines referring to a great variety of the natural world’s aspects.

Natural Sciences

The Main Branches of The Natural Sciences

Below we show some of the most relevant disciplines that make up the branches of natural sciences.

1. Physics

Being one of the fundamental basic sciences, physics is one of the best-known branches of the natural sciences, which dedicated to studying the properties of matter and energy and the laws that govern them, and the interactions that keep each other.

Physics is one of the best natural sciences and one of the fundamental sciences to considered as such. Although it has a pervasive body of theory, it is a science that is not limited to the mere idea but has excellent applicability in various fields. Many other sub-disciplines emerge from it, such as mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, electromagnetism, or acoustics, or even linked to other sciences, such as biophysics astrophysics example. Aspects such as space and time also valued and even investigate how they work.

Natural Sciences

2. Chemistry

One of the main branches of natural sciences is that of chemistry, whose object of study is the composition and structure of matter (be it organic or inorganic). And its properties and the interactions between the different types of existing matter. Chemistry has made it possible to develop many elements useful for life and survival. Also, including, among others, the development of pharmacology.


3. Geology

Partly related to the previous sciences. And geology is one of the branches of natural sciences that less often thought about. But that is very useful for humans.

Study the Earth and its origin, composition, structure, and evolution throughout history. Thanks to it, we can analyze the soils. So the behavior of the Earth’s interior, or the movement of tectonic plates, something that facilitates the practice of construction or agriculture or allows us to prevent disasters such as earthquakes.

4. Astronomy

Astronomy is another of the great scientific disciplines within the natural sciences. In this case, the study object is none other than the cosmos, structure, composition, behavior, and movements.
It is deeply related to physics and can be considered a specialized derivation of it.

5. Biology also one of the branches of Natural Sciences

Biology is one of the most relevant scientific disciplines. It is among those that generally have a more perceptible object of study: living beings, their structure, their functioning. And the vital processes they pass.
Within this macro science, we can find different specializations or sub-branches, such as zoology (animals), ecology (natural systems), molecular biology (cells and molecules), botany (plants), microbiology (bacteria and viruses), or mycology (fungi). We could also consider that anatomy would be part of it.

6. Medicine and Health Sciences is one of the Branches of Natural Sciences

One of the branches of the natural sciences that have had the most excellent utility for humanity and its direct survival is medicine. And through which the human organism studied. So it’s healthy functioning and the possible pathologies or injuries that it may suffer to allow us to survive. Also, maintain the health of the population.

There are also a large number of branches within medicine, including cardiology, neurology, pulmonology, psychiatry, or obstetrics, among many others. Now, there are other sciences related to health. Examples of this are nursing, clinical psychology, or pharmacology, in addition to veterinary medicine.

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However, both medication and all health sciences considered partly natural and partly social. Though they are generally more closely related to natural ones. In psychology, depending on the specific branch, it will be one or the other.

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