Natural and Easy Ways To Straighten Your Lovely Curls


Every woman with curly or wavy hair is beautiful. However, curls are not easily manageable, to which every curly-haired woman can relate. Unfortunately, not all products, such as your hair growth serum or conditioner, can tame those waves. As a result, some women may even need to resort to undergoing chemical treatments to flatten those curls.

However, if you’re hesitant to try hair rebonding or any chemical-induced straightening treatment, you can still opt to straighten your hair naturally. Check out some of the easy and natural ways to straighten your lovely curls.

Hair Hacks: Easy and Natural Ways to Straighten Your Curls and Waves

Follow these five easy yet natural and safe methods of straightening those unkempt curls.

1. Depend on heat-styling tools.

Your hair strands are malleable enough to change their shape due to heat. Hence, getting your hair exposed to heat-styling tools is one of the fastest ways to straighten your curls. Some of these tools are straightening combs, brushes, and irons. However, there is a significant risk when using these straighteners; your hair may suffer from dehydration. Yes, the heat from these tools can cause your hair to lose moisture and leave it dry and damaged. Unfortunately, this method isn’t permanent. After some time, your curls and waves will reappear. Thus, it would be best to apply some setting hairspray to maintain its straight form throughout the day.

2. Brush your wet hair.

Your hair becomes straight after taking a shower since your strands have absorbed water content, making them heavier to form curls. However, having wet hair also means a bigger chance for you to get your hair damaged. Wet hair tends to be less tensile, and an aggressive pull or stroke can break your hair strands. The best thing you can do is comb your hair gently to lessen any form of damage. It would be best to air-dry your wet hair instead of using heat to minimize moisture loss.

3. Dry your hair using cold air.

Contrary to the first straightening tip, setting your blow-dryer to “cool air” is another way to dry while straightening your curly tresses. It will also mitigate the moisture loss caused by the blow-dryer’s heat. But take note that blow-drying your hair with cool air may take more time than straightening your hair with a high temperature.

4. Sleep with your wet hair on a satin or silk pillowcase.

Sleeping while your hair is wet can be risky for your tresses, but laying your head on a silk pillowcase can turn the tables. A satin or silk cloth for your pillow sheets will mitigate the friction. As a result, your curls get less frizzy and saturated, leaving your hair with few curls and waves the next day.

5. Slather some hot oil on your hair.

Essential oils are not only effective moisturizers, but they can also help make your strands more pliable enough to change their shape. You can make use of these oils as natural straighteners by heating them first. Hot coconut oil would be the perfect example of what you can slather on your hair for an instant straightening effect. Coconut oil also helps tame the frizz on your waves and make them appear less curly. You can also use other hair oils, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil, to minimize the saturation of your curls.

Your Newly-Straightened Hair Should Never Lose its Moisture.

The best and fastest way to straighten those curls naturally is to use a heat-based straightening tool. However, this straightening technique isn’t permanent, just like the tips mentioned earlier. The constant and prolonged use of heat-based tools can also leave your hair damaged and lifeless. Never let it happen; apply a hair growth conditioner as a pre-straightening step and treat your hair with a hair growth serum as post-styling treatment. In these simple ways, you can enjoy having straight hair without sacrificing the quality and condition of your hair strands.


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