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Driving Innovation – A New Beginning, A New Vision

“Bring Your Nail Salon Home” hasa always been the motto of MelodySusie. We are dedicated to bringing high-quality nail tools to our customers, and through continuous self-improvement and cutting-edge product development, we have earned the trust and high expectations of many clients. We consistently work on product enhancements and technological innovations, and in 2023, we introduced four new products — the SP1 Stepless Speed Nail Drill, Mini Nail Art Lamp, PC1 for Nail Care, and the outstanding M-B450E brushless nail drill.

After months of relentless effort, we are thrilled to announce our expansion into a new frontier in the fourth quarter of 2023 – the introduction of a brushless motor H-S160E fast-drying hair dryer. This product launch marks a significant milestone in our journey as we transition from the nail tools to the broader beauty sector. This expansion enables MelodySusie to offer a wider range of products, and we look forward to sharing the unique experience of our fast-drying hair dryer with more people.

MelodySusie’s journey from nail to beauty is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence and pioneering spirit in technology. We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure as we explore new horizons in the world of beauty. Stay tuned for more outstanding innovations as we continually redefine beauty and self-care.

Let’s talk about a total game-changer in my hairstyling routine – the H-S160E Hair Dryer.

1. Stepless Control Over Your Hairstyle

Stepless Control Over Your Hairstyle

The H-S160E Hair Dryer introduces simplicity to your hairstyling routine. With a powerful brushless motor operating at 120,000 RPM, adjusting your preferred airflow is as easy as a slide of your finger. Whether you’re aiming for a quick morning straightening or lively curls for a special occasion, this hair dryer provides the flexibility you need. The high-speed setting ensures a swift transformation, and the diffuser nozzle adds gentle volume. Plus, it’s handy for efficiently drying your pets caught in the rain.

2. Lonic Technology 1-8 Min Fast Drying – Minimize Damage to Your Hair

Lonic Technology 1-8 Min Fast Drying - Minimize Damage to Your Hair

Our hair is composed of the above structure, and protecting the cuticle ensures a more beautiful appearance. What amazed me is that fast-drying hair dryers don’t rely on high temperatures. Instead, they use multi-angle airflow to enter the cuticle at different angles, rapidly drying the hair. Short hair dries in under 3 minutes, medium-length hair in 5 minutes, and even long hair takes only about 8 minutes. At the same time, 64 million high-density negative ion care technology, protecting each of your hair strands, achieving hair care right from the moment you start drying.

3. Display Screen – 3 Heat Settings & Speed Indicator

Display Screen - 3 Heat Settings & Speed Indicator

Combining Style and Technology, with three color temperature displays. Simply press the temperature adjustment button to quickly switch to your desired temperature with 3 heat settings. Blue indicates normal temperature, orange for medium heat, and red for high heat. Additionally, you can monitor the current airflow rate by observing the progress displayed by the halo surrounding the screen. 

4. Two Nozzles, Infinite Styles

Two Nozzles, Infinite Styles

Ever got a new fast-drying hair dryer and felt the disappointment of missing nozzles? Well, worry no more! With MelodySusie’s hair dryer, you get it all – a smoothing nozzle, a diffuser nozzle (coming in late November), and no extra hassle. It’s all about style without the fuss. And here’s the bonus – a detachable filter at the handle’s end. Your hair game just got an upgrade.

5. How to Maximize Hair Care Effectiveness? 

How to Maximize Hair Care Effectiveness? 

  • Gently Pat Dry with a Towel (Avoid Rubbing)
  • Apply Hair Oil to the Tips
  • Use MelodySusie H-S160E Fast Drying Hair Dryer to Blow Dry from the Top Down Along the Cuticle
  • Use a Nozzle for Styling

Now, in addition to achieving stunning nails at home, you can also experience the beauty and speed of our high-quality negative ion hair dryer. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to its unique features and the exceptional experience it will bring to your beauty routine.

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