Meggie Kempner: A Rising Artist in Nashville

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The 29-year-old creative director Meggie Kempner has a fresh outlook on lifestyle. She started the gossip blog with Melissa Lovallo, which still runs today. In this post, we will explain the rising artist story.

Who is Meggie Kempner?

Who is Meggie Kempner?

The creative director Meggie Kempner graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

She married Ian Barton McLean on April 14 by the side of the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. The Rev. Lee Lasko, a minister by the Unity West Church of Santa Monica, officiated.

Meggie is a founder of Kempner, a women’s fashion brand based in New York. She also owns Meggie Kempner Design, an interior design company in New York.

Meggie Kempner Parents

Meggie Kempner Parents

Meggie Kempner comes from a rich family. And it is obvious that with royalty, wealth comes as well.

Kempner  born to the parnets Cynthia H. Kempner and James L. Kempner. They got married on 23 October 1983.

Meggie’s father, James, is a B.S. computer science graduate from Yale University and worked at Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC. And later, he joined Keewaydin Investments as its president and one of the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees members.

Regarding Kempner’s siblings, she has a brother called Christopher and a sister named Nina Kempner.

In addition, Christopher is a Harvard Business School graduate who worked as a business director at Kempner NYC in 2018. But later, he co-founded Red Bard Equity Partners LLC and served as short-term CEO.

Besides, Meggie’s sister Nina highly skilled as well. She graduated from Yale University in 2015 and working as a senior account executive at Krupa Consulting.

Meggie Kempner Net Worth

Meggie Kempner Net Worth

According to Gossipnextdooor, Meggie’s net worth was above $5 million in 2022. However, it was not an inheritance.

Besides, she was Kempner’s fashion brand’s creative director and designer. And later, she started Kennet Creative, a creative agency.

She also planned the conservation society’s Central Park Zoo party. Furthermore, she is a member of the young professionals dedicated to preserving Central Park.

Meggie Kempner Deuxmoi

Meggie Kempner Deuxmoi

Meggie, the granddaughter of Nan Kempner, a New York socialite, was the co-founder and Melissa Lovallo of the anonymous Instagram gossip guru account DeuxMoi. But reportedly revealed that she was no longer involved; Melissa still runs the account.

This leak was so big, and Deuxmoi fans were very much interested. And it exposes by the journalist Brian Feldman in BNet.

Furthermore, Feldman highlighted in his newsletter that the socialite’s granddaughter Meggie is no longer involved with Deuxmoi anymore, podcasts, book deals and the HBO Max show and they are all tied to Melissa Lovallo.

Besides, it started in 2013 as an unknown fashion blog with Ralph Lauren and Melissa Lovallo.

The two said in a 2015 interview that we worked in the same fashion company and felt that style and fashion bloggers were getting so much attention. So we decided to start a content website that only focuses on beauty and fashion with attention on people of New York and LA, who are smart and wonderful.

Meggie Kempner Grandmother

Meggie Kempner Grandmother

Kempner is the granddaughter of Nan Kempner, a New York socialite, fashion icon, and writer.

For decades, Nan was stated in the New York Times as a glittering fixture at social events and fashion shows.

Furthermore, Vogue editor Diana Vreeland once stated, “There are no chic women in America. The one exception is Nan Kempner.”

Her grandmother Nan Kempner was a socialite and wealthy enough to live in a16 room apartment on park avenue almost for 50 years. Besides, she used to wear fashion design clothes that were not cheap.

In addition, Nan Kempner passed away at 75 in July 2005.

Who is the person behind DeuxMoi?

Who is the person behind DeuxMoi?

A journalist Brian Fled, disclosed the identity behind Deuxmoi, the famous gossip hub. Also, people know that Deuxmoi has approximately 1.5 million Instagram followers and run by two people. But no one knew who was running this unknown celeb fashion blog.

Deuxmoi carried out several interviews secretly, recently most visible on showtime’s Ziwe, but they refused to disclose their identity.

However, reporter Brian Fled disclosed based on public information. Deuxmoi presumably run by Meggie Kemp and Melissa Lovallo, who are socialites.

Brian Feldman collected all the clues from online activities, social media platforms and publicly available records.

However, most individuals not shocked that two socialites involved in the unknown account based on the content nature.

Meggie Kempner is the grandchild of Nan Kempner, a popular New York socialite in the fashion world. Meggie started DeuxMoi with Melissa, an ex-model, but supposedly Lovallo is the only one running it now.


Meggie Kempner is a well-known artist known for her creative artwork. Her work has got attention in the fashion world and highly appreciated for her unique and eye-catching style.

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