Manicure And Pedicure – Definition And How To Do?

Manicure And Pedicure – Definition And How To Do?

Manicure and Pedicure will be discussing in detail in this editorial. And how it can do at home without going to any professional beautician saloons.



This is a professional whose occupation is to care and groom the hands and nails.

It is the activity that develops to care for and beautify fingernails.

It can say that the manicure consists of cosmetic treatment of the hands, especially the nails, which are filed, cut, and painted.

In recent times its popularity grew thanks to the advice and ideas that disseminate through social networks.

The manicure can be carried out in a specialized place (with the work of an expert) or at home level.

Some even do the manicure themselves.

Hand and nail care can include hot oil treatments to soften and cleanse the cuticles and paraffin wax to hydrate the skin.

Also called a manicurist, she usually works in hairdressers and beauty centers.

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Usually, it uses as a synonym for a pedicure: foot care.

Therefore, it is the treatment of disorders that affect the feet, such as fingernails or calluses.

The pedicure expert is called a pedicure (or pedicure, if it’s a woman).

His job is to treat skin conditions of the feet and beautify this part of the body, including nails.

Cutting and filing the toenails are two of the most frequent pedicure actions.

Nail painting is also standard.

Beyond the nails, the pedicure focuses on calluses (the hardness of the skin ).

In this framework, the session may include the use of pumice stone and various exfoliating.

Moisturizing substances to soften and revitalize the skin.

How To Do A Perfect Manicure And Pedicure

Not all of us are stunning by birth, but we can all get by.

Taking care of our appearance is not only an aesthetic matter; also, it is a sample of prolixity and responsibility.

It is essential to caring for your body – and, more specifically, to beautifying your hands and feet.

And it is that these parts of the body are the ones that suffer the most significant exposure – we are using them all the time.


  • Nail polish remover.
  • Nail clipper.
  • Lime.
  • Two containers: one small (for a manicure) and one large (for pedicure).
  • Warm water.
  • Mild shampoo.
  • One towel.
  • Mild exfoliating cream.
  • Pumice.
  • Hand and foot cream.
  • Nail base, nail polish, and topcoat.
  • Toe separator (for pedicure).

Manicure And Pedicure Step By Step In Detail


First of all, apply the nail polish remover.

Even if you don’t have your nails painted, this measure will allow you to remove any residue that has accumulated on your nails.

Of course, sit well and remember: “a professional posture leads to professional results.”

With the nail clipper, match the length of your nails. Use the file to shape it.

Then fill half of the small container with warm water and dissolve some shampoo or soap in it.

Insert your hands and leave them there for 10 to 15 minutes.

Next, to remove dead cells, apply the scrub in circular motions.

Without coming into contact with your nails, spread the moisturizing cream all over your hands – especially your palms.

Paint your nails with the base and, when it has dried, continue with the enamel (apply it in 3 thin layers).

Then, finish your work of art with the topcoat. Keep in mind that this will take 2-3 hours to dry thoroughly.

The Pedicure

Fill half of the large container with warm water and some shampoo.

So let your feet relax there for 15-20 minutes – this step will help dry skin and dirt come off your feet.

Also, dry them and, with the pumice stone, remove all dead cells.

Focus on the most critical areas, such as the heel.

Apply the exfoliating cream, rinse your skin, and then massage with the moisturizer.

Cut the nails and file them to give them the shape that you like the most. Let your feet dry.

Please put on the separator, apply the base and, once it is dry, paint the nails with the enamel and, finally, with the topcoat.

After completing these simple steps, turn to the moisturizer again.

You can be sure of something: your hands and feet will have looked so beautiful to care for it.

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