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Ibomma Rangde Movie: Rang De is a 2021 Indian Telugu language romantic comedy family entertainment film directed by Venky Atluri. Furthermore, Suryadevara Naga Vamsi produces the movie under the banner of Sithara Entertainments.

So the film’s ibomma rangde movie actors Nithiin and Keerthy Suresh are in the lead roles along with Naresh, Kausalya, Rohini, Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore, Abhinav Gomatam, Suhas, Vineeth, Satyam Rajesh, Gayathri Raguram and many others in supporting roles.

In addition, music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad, while cinematography is by P. C. Sreeram and edited by Naveen Nooli.

So the film suffered greatly from the confinement imposed in the country at the time. Besides, it was not a box office success. However, the film was released in theatres on March 26, 2021.

ibomma rangde movie- Synopsis


Arjun, a spoiled young man, gets jealous of his neighbour Anu because she attracts everyone around her. So knowing that she wants to go abroad for higher studies, he decides to ruin her plan.

ibomma rangde movie-Info

  • Directed by: Venky Atluri
  • Written by: Venky Atluri, P. Sathish Chandra
  • Produced by: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
  • Starring: Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh
  • Cinematography: C. Sreeram
  • Edited by: Naveen Nooli
  • Music by: Devi Sri Prasad
  • Production company: Sithara Entertainments
  • Release date: 26 March 2021
  • Running time 130 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Telugu
  • Budget: INR 30 crores
  • Box office: 28.8 crores

ibomma rangde movie-Ibomma


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ibomma rangde movie – Story


Arjun (Nitin) and Anupama (Keerthi Suresh) are neighbours and childhood friends. Anu is a deserving student, and Arjun’s father (Naresh) always underestimates him when comparing his scores to Anu’s.

However, Arjun eventually adopted absurd methods to pass his senior year engineering exams and get a good GMAT score. So due to unforeseen circumstances, the couple got married and went to Dubai for higher studies.

However, the rest of the ibomma rangde movie story demonstrates their married life and their acceptance of life together as a married couple.

ibomma rangde movie – Analysis

Rang De is an easy song to work on. So director Venky Atuluri says that he is comfortable. However, the ibomma rangde movie plot seems to have been streamlined.

So the ibomma rangde movie begins with a quick introduction to the main characters, their families, and their characters.

However, the first half is mostly comedy woven around academics and Nitin’s struggle with the GMAT.

In addition, the Actor Brahmaji Overseas Education Training Center episodes are hilarious. So the mutual teasing episodes between Arjun and Anu are reminiscent of the early 2010s. But Arjun and Anu’s wedding is an exciting twist as feel good ends the first half.

In the second half, the story switches to Dubai, as the new couple is pursuing higher education in Dubai. But Emotional conflict between flat lines of lead pairs with poor characterization and poorly established relationships.

So Moonlight Kishore, in the role of Adivi Shastri, tried to provide some entertainment with partial success.

However, Arjun doesn’t want to complete his marriage and quickly changes his mind. So Anu also comes and goes in the relationship.

However, such frequent changes do not achieve an emotional impact on the audience.

ibomma rangde movie – Points in favor

For any movie to click, the drama must be intense, and the same goes for Rang Delo. However, the credit goes to director Venky Atuluri for writing a solid and emotional character for Kirti Suresh, giving the film enough substance and scope for good drama.

After pulling off several flops, Kirti Suresh lands a meaty role, giving her plenty of room to act.

So the award-winning actress is impressive as a random lover and evokes strong emotions in the second half. Besides, her chemistry with Nitin is also good.

For some reason, Nitin is at his best for romantic comedies. But, in the ibomma rangde movie, she gave a mature performance as Arjun.

However, Nitin looked very handsome and swung with his solid performance‌ in the film’s last half hour.

Family emotions and the general perspective of pregnancy are maintained with maturity.

Furthermore, Moonlight Kishore shared some excellent entertainment with her comedy. Besides, Naresh, Vineet, Rohini and other actors performed well in the film.

However, the songs are very well shot, and PC Shriram worked wonderfully and very vibrantly with the look of the film.

ibomma rangde movie – Negative points

Rang De Venky is Atuluri’s third movie, and if you look closely, all his stories are straightforward, and there is nothing to see.

However, the same thing in this ibomma rangde movie as the story and procedures were simple, and the scenes were released on the expected note.

Nitin’s character in the movie should further enhanced. But the process of arousing feelings for Kirti Suresh Hero has not shown in the right way.

However, more scenes had to canned to establish this thread and the depth of the writing helped this romantic comedy even more.

ibomma rangde movie  – Technical aspects

Devi’s music is good. So Shekhar’s master choreography is good.

However, the dialogues are excellent and evoke good emotion in the second half. So the editing is sharp, and so is the production design in general. Besides, the production values of the film are outstanding.

However, when it comes to director Venky Atuluri he impressed with the film.

His writing maturity and establishment of a love-hate relationship between the main couple are excellent. Although the ibomma rangde movie story is simple, comedy, romance and drama presented in equal proportions work for the film.

ibomma rangde movie – End note

Overall, the ibomma rangde movie is an excellent romantic drama with the heart in the right place.

However, intense emotions, decent comedy, and solid chemistry between the main couple are the essential assets of this film.

Furthermore, the story with the proper drama and sentiment made it possible to click this picture and watch it with family members.


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