I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr: How To Be A Tumblr Girl All You Need To Know

I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr

I want to be a Tumblr girl:  In a world in which we live surrounded by Instagramers, Youtubers, or Influencers in general, this new concept stands out, which is being a complete revolution. Perhaps many of you are still not familiar with this new idea, but the truth is that if you want to be up to date, you need to know it.

We can say that if I want to be a girl on tumblr, and the truth is that being a Tumblr girl is an icon and a role model for millions of teenagers. Now, you too can get it, just with the steps that we show you below. A more than a complete guide to bringing out your personality and rise with the title of the new Tumblr girl. Shall we get down to work?

Overview And History Tumblr

Tumblr is an American microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Automattic. Many of the website’s functions accessed through a “control panel” interface for bloggers. Moreover, the service allows users to post multimedia and other content in a short blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. As of July 2021, Tumblr hosted almost 529 million blogs.

The Tumblr Development began in 2006 at David Karp’s software consulting company. Davidville Karp interested in Tumblelogs for a long time and was waiting for one of the established blogging platforms to introduce its Tumblelogging platform. Karp and developer Marco Arment started working on their platform. Tumblr launched in February 2007 and had 75,000 users in two weeks. In June 2012, Tumblr launched its first major branding campaign associated with Adidas, which launched an official soccer blog on Tumblr and purchased user panel locations. That launch came just two months after Tumblr announced switching to paid advertising on its website.

On May 20, 2013, it announced that Yahoo! and Tumblr had signed a deal for Yahoo! Inc. to acquire Tumblr for $ 1.1 billion in cash. Many Tumblr users were unhappy with the news, prompting some to initiate a petition and obtain nearly 170,000 signatures. David Karp remained CEO, and the deal was closed on June 20, 2013.

I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr: What Is It To Be A Tumblr Girl?

First of all, we have to define this new fashion concept. If i want to be a girl Tumblr, First and foremost need to be original, and to do this, we need to show our personality. The first important thing we need to consider is to be ourselves, but always add something that makes us stand out from the rest. So it is not about copying other celebrities or influencers’ looks, makeup, or hairstyles, but giving them your version.

The best thing is not to follow the big brands when it comes to fashion. Look for those smaller stores, with original and fun clothes, with which you can finish your look. Suppose I want to be a girl tumblr; we need our style because it is original and not someone’s shadow or copy. They anticipate a trend that will combine with the originality we have mentioned. So, it is a very personal style, without a defined rule. It draws attention and makes us unique and, of course, Tumblr girls.

I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr: How do I become a Tumblr Girl?

Social media icons are not found on TV or fashion magazines but Tumblr girls for many teens. These girls share a standard style: they are pretty, and you can see in their amazing photos that they have fun lifestyles. Some of them have hundreds of thousands of followers! Tumblr girls always have great style, fabulous hair, perfect skin, beautiful eyes, amazing smiles, and perfect makeup. The below-given tips will show you how to become a Tumblr girl.

How Do I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr In Fashion?

There is no defined style if I want to be a girl Tumblr. Moreover, the fashion you choose must combine trendy garments with other original and different ones. Some of the staples you can’t miss are a plaid shirt, denim shorts, crop tops, and converse sneakers. What looks would be perfect for this style? Sometimes we have the clothes, and we don’t know how to combine them, well, here are some clear examples:

  • Skinny trousers with a loose checked shirt.
  • You have colored shorts or pants with a light effect combined with rocker t-shirts. You can choose your favorite heavy music group or those with phrases and symbols.
  • Pair high-waisted shorts with a crop top and complement this look with a long buttonless jacket.

How Do I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr In Fashion?

I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr – The Hairstyle And Makeup Of A Tumblr Girl

We all like to vary our hairstyle. Well, if I want to be a girl Tumblr, even more so. It is something that we must take into account, and that is that this style is an excellent fan of varying in terms of haircuts and colors. The hair is usually long, with certain waves and uneven bangs. But as we say, we must start from this base but always making the change gives us the most original touch. Many of these girls have colored highlights and opt for updos with a messy effect. The bows are a good alternative, both the high bows and the hair collected in two bows. Remember that braids, in all their versions, will also help you.

For makeup, it has to be very natural. Of course, slightly highlight the eyes, which are always usually a little larger, to capture the depth of the gaze. So, both the eyeliners and the mascara will be your faithful friends. But on the contrary, the lips are hardly used to make up. Naturalness above all!

I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr - The Hairstyle And Makeup Of A Tumblr Girl

Data To Take Into Account Suppose I Want To Be A Girl Tumblr

In addition to fashion or hairstyles and makeup. On the one hand, you will have to show it after achieving that original style. In what way? Well, thanks to the photos. For this, you need a good camera. The Fish Eye approach is said to make your images even more original. Although you can retouch them, remember that this is a natural style. So, don’t go overboard with Photoshop.

On the other hand, your room, or where you take the interior photos, will have dark walls. Similarly, there will be no lack of lights on the walls and pictures, stuffed animals, and a phrase that identifies as I want to be a girl tumblr. Always upload songs with a rhythm that evokes good spirits, and above all, do not get carried away by the rhythms heard everywhere. Try to find groups that are not always at the top of the charts, because again, we continue with the originality of this new trend. What do you think? Are you already a Tumblr girl?

Tumblr Quiz: How To include Quiz on your Site of Tumblr?

Follow the below-given steps to add a Tumblr quiz to your  site:

  • Create a questionnaire using the questionnaire creation form.
  • Find the quiz you created in the Articles Panel
  • Click the embed and share button.
  • Click on the Link tab and copy the link.
  • From your Tumblr account dashboard, click on the posting option labeled link.

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