How Trails Carolina Strives To Make The Holiday Season Special


The holiday season is supposed to be a wonderful time for all. That doesn’t change at a wilderness therapy program, as Trails Carolina is just one of many that strive to make it as enjoyable as possible. While there are particular challenges that everyone must accept, there are ways to increase the chances of a great time at the end of the calendar year.

Family Separation

Simply put, this is an issue that every child takes in different ways. The same goes for families back home. When a child goes to a Trails Carolina wilderness therapy program, this could be the first time they are away for the holidays. It’s impossible for it to feel the same.

Besides their first time away from home, the holidays can also be stressful. Fortunately, wilderness programs like Trails Carolina have a lot of experience in making them as enjoyable as possible. It will be different for students, and family separation could still be a challenge, but many are surprised by how well students welcome the holidays away from home.

Building a stronger community

The staff and students at Trails Carolina, or residential treatment centers, work together to prepare family-style meals during each major holiday. These mimic what a traditional family-style meal would be back home. It shows acceptance to students as part of this community, and they can enjoy the holidays with their new group.

Students often find comfort in knowing that everyone else is in a similar situation to them. In turn, it can make it easier for students to bond with one another, as no one feels excluded in the end. Just about everyone is facing the same struggles.

Activities and expeditions happen throughout the year, but this is another chance for the community to become stronger. There are holiday-related outings planned each year depending on location, making it perfect for a distraction during this time of year.

Therapy needs

We understand that some students need more communication and support during the holiday season. While most adjustments happen on a case-by-case basis, there is also increased communication with students. That means the primary therapist stays more in touch with the students and parents, and the wilderness field instructors are aware of any potential challenges.

Making the Holiday Season Special at Wilderness Therapy Programs

Even if this time of year is a bit different for students, Trails Carolina does an excellent job of normalizing the holidays as much as possible, focusing on thankfulness. They want students to enjoy the holiday season, so doing more during this time of year makes sense.

If parents have any questions about how things work during this time of year, they can reach out to them and speak directly with the team at Trails Carolina. We are willing to work with families to make the holiday season perfect for their students while they are with us. For more information on Trails Carolina and all, they do specifically, visit their website at

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