How to Stay Sober


After the lengthy process of recognizing the signs of alcohol addiction, going through the motions of quitting and finally being sober for the first time in a while, it is time to get used to staying sober. Staying sober following addiction comes with a few challenges. From lifestyle changes to reaching out for support, staying sober is a difficult final step. However, here are a few top tips to help you with sobriety.

Make Healthy Changes in Your Life

For many, making healthy changes in your life is a must if you want to stay on the path of sobriety. This means leaving behind old habits and creating new ones. For example, going out to the pub after work is a temptation you can do without, at least until you are completely comfortable without a drink. Swap this habit with one that won’t tempt you into having a drink, such as going to the gym or starting a new, ongoing project that you find fulfilling. You might be afraid of stepping away from parts of your old life and growing distant from the people you used to hang out with, but the people who matter will understand why you need to make these changes. In the early stages of sobriety, relapse triggers can be strong and so you need to do what you can to avoid them.

Reach Out

Reaching out to a supportive group of people who you can speak to openly about where you are in life can be incredibly helpful. This supportive network can be made of close friends and family, or they could be people who are also trying to stay sober. There are plenty of support and recovery groups that host regular meetings. During these meetings, you can speak about addiction and recovery in a safe environment. Creating a community of people you trust with your emotions can help you stay sober.

Get the Treatment You Need

Whether you have already been to rehab and you have fallen off the wagon or you feel you need extra help to keep you sober, there is no shame in seeking professional help to get the treatment you need. Sobriety is an ongoing process and alcohol rehab can help you on your road to recovery. Help Me Stop is an intensive treatment center that offers non-residential rehab programs. Following their programs, they offer 3 months of aftercare for people who need additional help and support.

Be Mindful About Your Sobriety

To stay sober permanently, many people need to make a conscious effort – especially at the beginning of the process. Being mindful about your sobriety can help you be more forgiving with yourself should you have moments of weakness. It is a conscious effort for those who have developed a dependency on alcohol to decide to quit, so you need to give yourself credit for making the effort to stop. Try to recognize the benefits that have come out of being sober. For instance, you may have saved more money by not spending it on alcohol or perhaps you have been able to have more meaningful moments with your close ones without being under the influence. Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate every win you achieve.

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