How To Sell On The AWS Platform?

AWS Platform

AWS Marketplace is a comprehensive network on its own & is an important part of the most complex ecosystem within AWS Cloud. To know complete ins and outs of the AWS platform, understanding its roles & checking out which platform, to begin with, will be a challenging task that is made easier with the AWS marketplace.

Nothing to worry about! Today we will cover selling & partnering with the AWS marketplace, so what makes this platform highly valuable to the sellers, important roles you will work in along your way & how it helps you out, and we are going to touch on some amazing programs that you may leverage in the AWS partnership.

One key feature of the AWS platform is leveraging CPPO that allows companies to use their software’s listing over AWS Marketplace and resell this solution. It allows simple transactions for the consulting partners who want to sell their solutions through a Private Offer to the clients. It allows for flexible costing and autonomy for the Consulting partners. Let us look at some top reasons why you must sell on the AWS platform:

  • Visibility: Listing your product in AWS Marketplace provides higher visibility among the community of the AWS users, because of the AWS placement that is one big benefit. In addition, the AWS Marketplace’s tool exposes the relevant products and potential customers.
  • Credibility: The AWS customers generally tend to be highly confident in the software vendors, which are listed on the AWS Marketplace. Before the product gets listed in the AWS Marketplace, it’s reviewed and scanned by the AWS team, hence customers know they’re purchasing AWS-approved solutions.
  • Deployment & Billing: The AWS Marketplace looks after deployment, collection, and billing for the software products that are sold as the AMIs via Marketplace & offers vendors with the monthly payment. The vendors not just use AWS Marketplace to avoid any hassle & costs linked with the activities, however, their customers experience the easy and smooth billing procedure that they’re familiar with.

The AWS Marketplace is architected for the seller’s success, as well as continue to invest over the quality programs & people helping to make the AWS platforms easier & valuable. You can schedule the demo and learn to get listed over AWS Marketplace & make most of the Marketplace selling.

Migration And Hybrid Cloud

Amazon web service includes different tools & services that are made to help the users to migrate apps, servers, databases, and data on the public cloud. AWS Migration Hub offers the location to monitor & manage migrations on-premises to the cloud. When in the cloud, the EC2 Systems Manager will help the IT team to configure servers & AWS instances.

Amazon has partnerships with many technology vendors, which ease the hybrid cloud deployments.

Scalable & Adaptable

As AWS’s cost can be modified based on your customers’ usage, small businesses and start-ups may easily see the obvious advantages of using AWS for computing needs and other important usage. Actually, AWS is best for building your business right from the bottom since it offers all tools essential for the companies to begin with the cloud. And for the existing firms, Amazon offers low-cost migration solutions so your current infrastructure will be moved seamlessly over to the AWS platform.

When your company grows, the AWS offers the right resources to help in the expansion & as a business model gives the most flexible usage, and customers will not have to spend any time thinking of if they want to reexamine the computing usage. Apart from the budgetary reasons, the companies can realistically “set & forget” their computing requirements.

With any platform, the AWS Marketplace can continuously improve and expand, however not everything will be supported yet. For instance, for the products that are sold every month, then built-in trial & annual costing options are unavailable. Getting associated with the AWS marketing and offering your products and services in the AWS Marketplace, you will come to know how the platform has grown & matured in the rich market of the enterprise cloud services. The AWS Marketplace will help your company to grow fast all over the world and is quite supportive of the business.


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