How to Make a Logo and Design That Will Go Viral


Customizing goods with your company’s logo and slogan are difficult. Your company can profit tremendously if your emblem and content resonate with prospective consumers.

The point of creating goods is nullified if the emblem or statement on the garment fails to attract attention. Thus, customized accessories are the best option for your business or yourself.

Methods for Developing an Emotionally Resonant Logo and Message

1. Consider the central theme or storyline.

A company’s emblem should represent the company’s core values. Consider the message you want to give before settling on a final pattern for your goods.

Create a brand that is unique to you by drawing inspiration from aspects of your character or interests.

Therefore, a slogan like “alive and kicking” might be the perfect match for your good if you consider yourself lively and extroverted.

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Prominent firms’ logos and phrases tell a story. For instance, the well-known online retailer Amazon features an arrow beneath its name in its emblem. However, proper indicator placement is essential.

If you look closely, the line runs from the “A” in Amazon to the “Z” at the end. Since Amazon is a virtual store, the arrow represents a comprehensive selection of goods and services, suggesting that everything imaginable can be purchased on Amazon.

2. Pay Close Attention To The Layout And Decoration.

After you’ve settled on a narrative, it’s time to choose a typeface, style, color, and tint that do justice to it. Lighter hues should be used if the overall tone is intended to be comical.

Similarly, go for deep, striking hues to convey a somber message.

The tone of a statement or emblem is conveyed by its hue and the choice and placement of symbols.

The typeface used to write something can say a lot about its tone. Serif typefaces, such as Times New Roman, are commonly used to show earnestness. However, sans serif typefaces like Helvetica create a more cheerful atmosphere.

3. Try to Get Your Point Across with a Catchy Image or Snappy Slogan

Asking an acquaintance what they think of your emblem or catchphrase is a great way to test how well it communicates your intended message. First-time viewers must understand your design’s meaning.

But don’t fret. People have various meanings for some of the most well-known emblems globally. Apple, a famous technology manufacturer, uses a logo depicting an apple with a bite taken from it.

The symbolism of the fruit has been muddled. Some folks think of it as a particle biting back. There are, however, many who dispute this reading.

The success of Apple can teach us a valuable lesson. If you’ve come up with a truly original concept that lights you up inside, don’t let the fact that people may see different things when they see your emblem discourage you.

If the emblem captures people’s attention and interest despite their potential divergent interpretations of its meaning, it will be a smashing success.

4. Don’t Limit Yourself

Try something different if you want to make your symbol or put a statement on goods. Unusual viewpoints have gained a lot of attention recently.

Take the well-known coffee chain Starbucks, whose emblem depicts the likeness of a Greek deity. Despite Starbucks’ widespread recognition, associating the brand with a Greek deity is still unusual.

5. Select a Scalable Design

Remember that a popular design will not only apply to your products. If you need many different sizes for your design, you will need to be able to resize the logo.

Choose an option that scales well and maintains visual appeal across products of different sizes.

6. Pick The Style Of Logo You’d Like To See Printed On Your Goods.

Icon-based logos and company name-based logos are the two main categories of logos. Which one you choose to use for business promotion is dependent on your goals.

If you believe your emblem could become as iconic as the Nike swoosh, then you should definitely get one.

A brand name emblem is another option if you believe your slogan is as catchy as “the happiest place on Earth,” Disneyland’s slogan.

Whatever you decide, make it straightforward to ensure that your point gets across.

7. Use Logo Design Software Intelligently.

An expert designer will maximize the efficiency of all accessible design software if hired. If you prefer to create the emblem on your own, be sure to employ professional-grade software.

When it comes to making beautiful patterns, programs like Photoshop and Illustrator come in very useful.

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