How To Get Results From TikTok Influencer Marketing?

TikTok Influencer Marketing

When do you think of a Nikon camera, who’s the person you imagine holding it and snapping pictures? As the celebrity face of the Nikon brand, Ashton Kutcher’s series of commercials with Nikon was effective influencer marketing to the tee. Of course, businesses calling on influential people to back their brands are nothing new; by giving lifetime endorsement contracts to athletes, for instance, Nike shoots a few ad spots per year to position their newest sneaker at the forefront of the public eye. Enter social media and, particularly, TikTok. How has influencer marketing changed the landscape of TikTok advertising and branding? More importantly, how does it work and how can a brand produce results using an age-old advertising approach?


Now that you understand the impact influencer marketing brings to the table for TikTok brands, how can you also utilize influencer marketing feasibly, efficiently, and affordably? Start by thinking smaller. It’s easy to feel minuscule when the “big-boy” brands are able to use multiple household-name celebrities to leverage their products.

Targeting a specific demographic used to be the most effective way to reach the audience you want, rather than a mass clump of people who are less likely to give your ad a second look. However, targeting people based on race, gender, age, career, etc. has become a sort of an outdated approach. The best approach in the current social media marketing landscape is not one guided by demographic research, but psychographic information.

In terms of target marketing, psychographic refers more to what people do and less to what someone looks like. Now it’s time to gather your information. Marketing is rarely effective. So how can you narrow it even more?

A simple focus group can extract more information from this group than you originally thought was available. As Nike, you now have access to the following information and can use it to target exactly the type of person you want to buy your new shoe:

  • Males age 18-26
  • Plays basketball at least three times per week
  • Is in good shape and exercises frequently
  • Has an income of at least $40,000
  • Maintains a good diet

It is not difficult to find people on TikTok who at least closely match this persona. Ready to get results?


Now it’s time to locate the right influencers for your niche. It may seem like a daunting task to journey across TikTok looking for a potential draw but hang tight. Think backward. Instead of doing the initial legwork and seeking out an influencer you may or may not find, consider the influencers your target persona may already follow, and start there. Reaching out to someone of his following is often a more feasible option for brands that do not have the global reach of Nikon or Nike. The best part comes after finding an influencer to work with. Why? The influencers know their followers better than anyone.

They may be able to help you craft your message to maximize its effectiveness among your target persona. Like any form of marketing, the foundation of TikTok influencer marketing is to put the right message in front of the right people. In the scenario of influencer marketing, this happens to mean putting an ideal lifestyle in front of a targeted psychographic. The reality is that results-driven TikTok influencer marketing is essentially no different than most other social media marketing–just more effective. Moreover, you can buy TikTok followers to skyrocket your TikTok marketing campaign in record time.


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