How Scholarships Can Help In Women Empowerment?


Scholarships for women in India are actually meant to encourage better education & career opportunities for women who are going to match the male counterparts on various socio-economic parameters. If provided the right opportunity, a woman does not lag behind men even in the academics and professional arena. Thus, women-specific scholarships encourage women to counter the financial constraints & pursue their academic & career opportunities with a lot of confidence.

Today, many governments & even private organizations in various fields such as science & research, aviation, hospitality, management, and defense are offering women scholarships & grants for encouraging the population to go ahead with the academic opportunities. There are many different programs available for the scholarship for women that they can take benefit of.

Why Do Scholarships For the Women Matter?

Women may apply for general and coed aid, but as the historic underrepresentation of women in several professional & academic areas persists even today, the scholarships like Nancy Etz Scholarship made specifically for female students hold huge importance. Here are some important ways that scholarships are improving various opportunities for women.

Better Access

There are different fields underrepresented by women at present. Some major areas include technology, math (STEM), science, engineering, and even corporate finance. There’re some fields that are been dominated by men, such as construction, mining, and firefighting, however, they do not generally need a similar level of college and graduate education. So, by making an educational path to such male-dominated professions a bit less expensive, women scholarships will lead to gender diversity at their workplace.

Finding Popular Scholarships

In a lot of cases, the contemporary women students are outperforming the male counterparts in the classroom, particularly in the fields where women have been underrepresented: engineering, math, science, business, technology, and law. The scholarships offer a boost for the women who are pursuing the degrees following high school and returning to college after the break. So remember: most of the scholarships are generally offered annually. Suppose you are interested in any one of them but the deadline has passed, you must note it down in the calendar and check the next year.

Popular financing sources for the women’s scholarships are:

  • Corporate sponsors
  • Colleges & universities
  • Religious entities
  • Government sources
  • Professional organizations
  • Minority advocacy groups

Women Can Find Work & Gain Skills

Traditionally women have comprised the smaller part of this labor force compared to men, because of in part to the traditional roles like homemakers and caregivers. But, times are changing, still, women are often at a disadvantage if they don’t have any marketable skills required to get well-paying jobs. Luckily, most of the organizations realize such a problem as well as have created scholarships for the women who would like to re-enter the college and the workforce just after taking the personal break.

Final Words

Don’t get fooled, scholarships are a bit competitive because there are a lot of students in the world wanting to get funding. Even though some scholarships program depends on the outstanding academic records, your chances for success are determined by the quality of the application, and if you are in the financial need.


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