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House Sitting Services on a Budget: 5 Tips

House Sitting Services

If you are planning to go for a vacation and leave behind your pet for a while, you need to get a house-sitter to ensure that they are taken proper care of in your absence. Most people find house-sitting services pretty expensive.

However, if you use these simple tricks, you will be able to get these services for a lower cost that fits in your budget:

1. Plan Early

A number of people use house sitting services whenever they have to go out for any reason. During the holiday seasons, this number increases by a large magnitude. The high demand for house sitters tends to increase their hourly prices.

If you hire a house sitter on short notice during such a period, you will end up paying much more than the budget you have. It is a good idea to begin planning about getting a house sitter the moment you make plans of going out of your house for some time.

Planning early will also give you plenty of time to determine the budget that you have for a house sitter, making it easier for you to get one that suits your needs. Along with saving money, you will also be able to get an experienced house sitter if you plan early because they are booked months in advance.

2. Decide What You Need from a House Sitter

Once you determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend on a house sitter, you need to decide upon the qualities and skills that the one you hire must-have.

If your pet has some specific requirements that not everyone would be able to take care of, you will have to look for a sitter that can. House sitters tend to charge more depending on the skills that they possess.

You need to carefully examine your requirements and see if the sitter you are hiring meets them. Any qualities or skills on top of that will surely be good but you will have to pay more in that case. Try to go for sitters that meet your basic requirements in order to avoid spending more.

3. Choose a Reputable House-Sitting Website

Getting a house sitter from a shady website might end up proving bad for you and your pet. You might have to pay a lesser amount for their services upfront, but if they are not well-trained and experienced, they might end up causing some damage to your house or to your pet which will lead you to pay much more than you had planned on.

To ensure that you get a professional sitter, you should hire only from a reputable agency. You can be sure that you are not being overcharged and will also be able to avail certain discounts and save money. You should look for agencies that provide house-sitting Australia and have good customer reviews.

4. Provide Necessities for the Sitter

Many people who hire a house sitter tend to ask them to get basic supplies for themselves which they will reimburse later. A house-sitter might not be aware of your budget and could unknowingly end up buying things for themselves and for your pets that might be more than you usually spend.

It is better to stock up with materials that they would require to look after the house in your absence and prevent them from overspending. You should also get all the things that your pets require on a daily basis. This will enable you to be sure that your pet receives proper care and also that you don’t have to spend extra money on items that you could have bought at cheaper prices. You should also keep some basic supplies for the house-sitter to use while they are on duty.

5. Compare Applications and Reviews

Whether you put out an advert to get house-sitters or take the help of an agency, you will receive a number of applications for the job.

All applicants will have different skills and their charges would vary. You should carefully go through all applications and select the ones that meet all of your basic requirements.

Once you do that, compare the prices being charged by each applicant. Based on your requirements and the price that fits within your budget, select the one that is the right option for you.

Using these tips, you will get house-sitting services on a budget and won’t have to worry about your pets because they will be in good hands while you are not at home.

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