Restoring Human Nature: Healing Practices from Around the World that Promote Wellness

healing practices

Around the world, ancient and modern healing practices take place to better the body, mind, and soul. The world and all within – organisms included – have energy flowing through.

It’s believed that disturbances and imbalances in that energy flow can lead to consequences ranging from decreased mental and emotional wellness to physical complaints.

While many of these alternative therapies are considered complementary, holistic, or even non-medicinal in some cases, countless people across the globe seemingly enjoy the numerous benefits of engaging in these traditional therapeutic applications.

With that in mind, here are a handful of healing practices from across the planet intended to promote wellness. Note that these should not be in lieu of medical treatment; they are considered excellent for working alongside and complementing medicine.

Aura Healing

Exposure to negativity – being around angry people or negative peers, for instance – can lead to negative emotions being absorbed into a person’s aura, draining their energy and causing a low mood.

Cutting off toxic people can help balance one’s aura again; however, additional healing practices can achieve the same and complement the process.

There are various types of aura healing, which is typically achieved through visualization and meditation. Many practitioners use crystals, too.Among the most popular healing modalities today isreiki, originally founded by Mikao Usui.

The word comprises the Japanese words “rei,” which means higher power or divine wisdom, and “ki,” meaning life force energy.

The process of reiki involves the provision of universal life energy to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to boost natural healing mechanisms.

Many cultures and specialists worldwide undertake this energy healing practice, such as, which also provides other expert-led energy field restoration methods, including pranic healing, shamanic healing, and Egyptian sekhem-krem.

Chakra Healing

The body contains hundreds of chakras; however, seven are considered the most significant, each of which is synonymous with a specific body part, as well as the potential for disease or disorder in that area.

An imbalanced chakra can evoke mental, emotional, and physical instability; plus, people can create disorder through emotions and actions. The key is finding balance across all chakras to enable energy to flow.

Chakra healing with a therapist can help achieve this, often through chakra medication and modifications, usingchakra stones,visualizing chakras and their colors, and sound therapy.


Acupuncture is ideal for releasing negative energy. In this procedure, the therapist inserts fine thread-like needles (usually made from stainless steel, though gold or silver are used as well) through the skin at set body pointsin order to manipulate qi.


Those unfamiliar with aromatherapy can be forgiven for thinking the process is all about pleasant smells, perfumes, and scented candles. It’s much deeper than that.

Aromatherapy involves thetherapeuticapplication of essential oils from plantsbyaromatherapists. Each scent is believed to activate different chakras within the human body, which can assist in balancing a person as a whole.


In Sanskrit, ayurveda means “the science of life.” Originating in India, ayurvedic medicine is an entirely holistic practice and is believed to be one of the oldest medicinal applications in the world.

Its therapeutic goal is to create harmony between the mind, body, and spirit to ward off disease and promote healthy, long life.

The approach comprises various methods, such as practicing traditional medicine or even consuming an ayurvedic diet.

However, in the West, ayurveda often includes massages, detoxification treatments, and meditation sessions.

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