GogoPDF: MS Excel Documents to PDF for Beginners


GogoPDF is a web-based platform that helps in modifying and customizing digital documents. It is one of the most efficient tools on the internet today. Plus, all of its offered services are 100% free. GogoPDF is also the perfect tool for immediate and instant file conversion as it comes with a bunch of straightforward online converters.

You can convert Microsoft documents like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to PDF. You can even turn your image files into a Portable Document Format without dropping a sweat. Besides the excellent services offered, you can also rely on GogoPDF in security, compatibility, and quality, as it is perhaps one of the most recommended PDF tools right now.

How to Convert MS Excel Documents to PDF Using GogoPDF?

There are many platforms online that can help you convert file documents, but GogoPDF’s ‘Excel to PDF’ tools is perhaps the best way to do it. With as few as four clicks and as easy as writing ABCs, you get to have a hassle-free file conversion. Here is a thorough procedure on how to convert Excel to PDF using GogoPDF.

Go to GogoPDF’s Official Site

The first thing you need to do is prepare a laptop or an Android phone and a stable internet connection. GogoPDF is an online-based platform, so you will have to access it through the internet. After that, run your device’s web browser or any browsing application like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and search for GogoPDF’s official site.

Once you are on GogoPDF’s official homepage, find the online tool you are looking for. If you want to convert a document with XLS or XLSX format, look for a green box on the second row of icons with an ‘Excel to PDF’ text and click on it. You will then be redirected to GogoPDF’s online converter tool.

Upload an MS Excel Document to GogoPDF’s Web Servers

After you access GogoPDF’s ‘Excel to PDF’ online converter tool, the next thing that you need to do is to upload your desired XLS or XLSX file to the platform’s web servers. You can use any Android device or a computer to upload a spreadsheet. For tablets and mobile phones running the Android OS, tap the ‘Select Files’ button on the screen and simply choose the MS Excel document you would like to convert.

You can also click the ‘Select Files’ button on the middle part of the screen for laptops or desktop computers and start choosing your desired file. But the best thing about using a computer for uploading is you can drag the MS Excel document from your designated folder and drop it to the page’s uploading box. This whole process only takes no longer than a minute, depending on your internet connectivity.

Start Modifying and Converting the MS Excel Document

Once you have uploaded the Microsoft Excel document you want to convert, you can start modifying it. There are available options on the screen to help you with your file. dhoom 2 full movie hd And if you are all set, you can begin the conversion process. GogoPDF will turn your XLS or XLSX file into a Portable Document Format in a matter of minutes.

Converting files with XLS or XLSX formats to PDF is the best way to view, share and print MS Excel spreadsheets securely. With an excellent platform like GogoPDF, you get to do it without having any trouble and hardship. Below is the last and final step to finishing off your Excel to PDF conversion.

Download the Newly Converted PDF File and Save to Device

Once you are done uploading and converting, you can now download the newly modified PDF document and save it to your laptop or Android phone. To do this, click the generated download link on the screen and wait for the process to occur. The speed of the download process also depends on how fast your internet connection is.

If you are short on storage or just like to store the newly converted PDF document to cloud-based storage, GogoPDF is also the best platform for that. You can copy the generated download link and paste it on one of your social media accounts. You can even send it to some of your friends using Gmail or any email apps.


There you have it. This article gives you the most comfortable and efficient way to convert MS Excel documents to a Portable Document Format. GogoPDF is undoubtedly one of the best PDF tools out there for free, reliable, fast, secured, and straightforward XLS or XLSX to PDF conversions.

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