How To Solve err_cache_miss In Google Chrome?



Chrome is the best browser, but not without its flaws. You may encounter some common problems when using it, including an err_cache_miss error message.

If you encounter the err_cache_miss error message, your browser will probably ask you to re-enter or submit the info. Also, this error can be confusing and frustrating, and it can fix entirely.

There are some speedy and easy methods that you can use to resolve this err_cache_miss error and successfully access the website you want to visit.

This post explains what this error message means and discusses the more common causes of this error. Then we’ll walk you through various methods you can use to fix the problem.

Let’s start!

What does it mean?

There are many error messages that you may encounter when using chrome. This includes errors  like chrome err_quic_protocol_error and err_quic_protocol_error google chrome. Also, another error that Chrome users frequently encounter is err_cache_miss error  message.


The name suggests that the err_cache_miss error is related to caching. More specifically, there may be several reasons why you see this err_cache_miss error, including:

  • Your browser cannot retrieve cache files from the site you are trying to access.
  • There are errors, corruptions, or inefficiencies in your browser, browser settings, or browser extensions.
  • The visited website has incorrect coding with PHP or err_cache_miss php.

Suppose you are a software programmer or developer; you may see the err_cache_miss error message after using the wrong codes to test an app or website, whether it’s on Android or another operating system. As a user, you can find it by accessing almost any website, even prevalent ones like Facebook.

This issue occurs almost exclusively with Chrome; some users have reported encountering similar err_cache_miss error  message problems in Firefox. Specifically, in Firefox versions 32 and later, the message says, The document has expired.

However, most messages contain a message to resubmit the form or confirm form resubmission err cache miss. This usually happens when a Chrome user completes a form and uses the back/forward buttons too often or too quickly.

How to fix the error in Google Chrome?

Now that you understand a little more what the err_cache_miss means, it’s time to learn how to fix it. Let’s look at some approaches you can use to solve the error in Google Chrome.

1. Refresh or reload the page

Occasionally, the err_cache_miss error in Chrome can appear on your screen when you have network connection problems. If so, simply reloading the website may be enough to fix the problem.

You can reload the page by clicking the reload icon in the upper left corner of the address bar in your browser or by using the F5 key on your keyboard.

2. Update your browser

If you have an outdated chrome version, updating to the latest version is a good idea. This can help resolve incompatibility issues or inefficiencies that can contribute to this type of errors. Moreover need to update your browser, so open a new window, then navigate to Settings> About Chrome:


This page will tell you if you are using the latest version of the browser. If not, there is a selection for chrome update and follow the given instructions, then restart your browser and try to reaccess the website.

3. Clear your browsing data

If your browser has accumulated corrupt files in its cache, it may generate this error message that you see now. Therefore, the next step to fix the problem is to clear your browsing data.

Go back to your Chrome settings menu. Move the mouse pointer over more tools and then select the clear browsing data option in the menu field that opens and choose clear browsing data or press the following three keys together: Ctrl + Shift + Del.


In the next window panel, ensure that all the options are browsing history, cookies, other website data, cached files, and images, and then click the clear button.


Once you have deleted the data, refresh your browser. Hopefully, you will no longer see this error message. If it does, it will be time for the following method.

4. Try disabling your extensions

Another potential issue that the  error can cause is that one of the extensions you have installed is corrupted or affecting Chrome’s ability to connect and load the web page. The best way to find out if this is the problem is to disable your extensions and then reload this webpage.

To find them, go to chrome settings, and look for the more tools option, then select extensions.


It takes you to the extensions page, where you can see all the installed extensions. Go one after the other and change the disable option for each one.


If your error resolves; otherwise, your extensions caused this error, so try the following method.

5. Reset your network settings

If there are network problems, the configuration can cause the error. So make sure to try resetting your network settings with the help of the command prompt. Furthermore, click the Windows button and type CMD in the search box and select Run as administrator as shown in the image below:


The following commands use to reset your network settings, and the commands should be without brackets. Run the commands one time or copy all the commands and open the command prompt window you opened earlier.

  • [ipconfig/release]
  • [ipconfig/all]
  • [ipconfig/flushdns]
  • [ipconfig/renew]
  • [netsh int ip set dns]
  • [netsh winsock reset]
  • [ipconfig renew]
  • [ipconfig renew]

Press Ctrl + V to run all the commands in the CMD.

On macOS, you can do this using the Terminal app. Go to Finder> Applications> Utilities.


After opening the Utilities folder, find and open the Terminal application.


In the Terminal window, type the below-given commands and press enter after each command:

  • dscacheutil -flushcache
  • sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

Start your computer again and open a new browser window. Your network settings will be reset to their default settings, hopefully preventing the error from reappearing.

6. Reset your browser settings

If your network settings are not the problem, the problem may be with your browser settings. So the next logical step is to reset these settings.

Go to Settings and then – Advanced> Reset Settings:


A command prompt window will open. Click the Reset option again.


You can access the reset settings page by going to chrome://settings/reset profile settings.

At last, start your browser again and try to reaccess the website. Probably, you won’t see this message again. However, if you do, it’s time to move on to the last method.

7. Disable chrome cache

At this point, expectantly, you have resolved the error message in Chrome. If not, you can try a final solution to solve the error message: disable or turn off your caching system.

You can find it under More tools> Developer tools or press the Ctrl+Shift+I in your browser settings.  Just make sure to open DevTools on the browser page showing the error message.

Then, in the Network section Select the disable cache option.


You no longer see this error on your screen.

8. Change your DNS settings


Your ISP usually provides DNS. In some cases, your provider may use this setting to block some content on the Internet. Furthermore, specific potentially unwanted programs modify DNS settings without permission to hijack users’ browsers and insert advertisements everywhere. Therefore, we recommend using the DNS server provided by Google; Here’s how to change it:

  • Right-click on Start and choose Network Connections.
  • Scroll down and select Change adapter options.
  • Select your connection (for example, Ethernet), right-click, and select Properties.
  • Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) once, and then click Properties.

In the new window, select the option Use the following DNS server address: and enter the following numbers:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:


This error message appears in Google Chrome for various reasons. Whether it’s due to problematic extensions, outdated browser or network settings, or a temporary connection issue, the best thing is that some simple steps help resolve this issue.

As we’ve discussed above in this article, there are different methods you can use to resolve this error in Chrome:

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1. What is Err_Cache_Miss?

This error occurs due to incorrect settings and settings, browser cache, improper extensions, and similar issues. This error means that the website you visit requires a particular data submission to continue. Therefore, some steps can taken to fix the problem.

2. How do I fix err cache miss?

Method 1. Reset Google Chrome settings.

Method 2. Clear your browsing data from Google Chrome.

Method 3. Remove unnecessary Chrome extensions.

Method 4. Disable the cache (while DevTools is open)

Method 5. Restart Google Chrome and update it.

3. What is an error cache or err_cache_miss chrome?

Usually, this error occurs when your Google Chrome browser has some caching system problems. The caching system belongs to a specific website or web-based application due to wrong codes within the website or application.

4. Why does origin say err_cache_miss Origin?

The origin itself is a browser that has modified. If your primary browser has a problem, it may affect Origin and says origin err cache miss. I recommend updating your main browse / reinstalling Chrome or Firefox if you are using either of them.

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