Compact Storage Ideas to Make Your Home Customized

Storage Ideas

Living in a compact place has its own set of challenges as it becomes difficult to fit everything as it lacks additional space to stash your items.  Here we present some creative storage ideas that will manage all the scattered things around the room and will manage all your stuff without making a mess. These ideas are suggested by leading moving companies at These companies have a great experience of helping people move from one place to another.

Decluttering is the Key

Storage Ideas: Before we start with the ideas, the first requirement is to declutter your house. No matter how hard we try or how consciously we buy things, we always end up collecting a lot of clutter at our homes. If you want to have a well-organized and bigger-looking space you will have to declutter your house so that you can have space to place things that you actually need. Go through each room and storage place to take out things that you no longer use, worn out, broken, and never used. Sometimes we keep things due to their sentimental value, it is a good idea to take pictures of such things and donate them to someone. You can organize a garage or yard sale for selling your stuff that you no longer use but it is still in a good shape. This will not only make some money but will also help you in keeping only usable items at home.

Utilize Your Garage Space

Storage Ideas: It is seen that people don’t use their garage space wisely and fill it up with all the unwanted stuff. Once you have decluttered your house, now is the time to organize it. If you do not have a garage, it is advised to create a garage-like area in a corner of your house where you can keep all your tools and other such material. You can simply use an old cabinet and refurbish it to use as a garage storage place. Install a pegboard behind the cabinet and place your small tools on it or alternatively, you can simply transform the back of your cabinet by using some nails and can hang tools there. You can use plastic containers for storing different types of things and tools.

Use Wall Space

Bring out the artist in you and use every wall of the house without destroying the beauty of the place. Pegboards or DIY frames can be used in creative ways to store stuff. For example, you can use a pegboard on a kitchen wall to hang spoons and pans and in a bedroom to hand your jewellery. You can even use a pegboard as a dresser by hanging some shelves on it especially if your bedroom is very small and has no dressing table in it.

Install Storage underneath Your Bed

Storage Ideas: Consider installing shelves under your bed and make the most of it. You can place a lot of stuff depending upon the type of shelves or storage you have chosen for it. You can place books on open shelves and can store bed linens, blankets, and rugs in closed storage places. Generally, spaces under the bed are not utilized properly when you can use them for storing stuff easily.

Use Organizers to Store Stuff in Your Bedroom and Kitchen

You can buy some organizer racks and shelves to organize your place in a better way especially if you are not interested in investing in expensive renovations at your rented apartment. Many online stores provide brilliant storage solutions at reasonable prices. For example, you can use box-shaped racks to make a nightstand above your bed and save the side space. Also, you can get some open racks with drawers to store your store stuff like bath towels, hand towels, and clothes.

For storing more stuff in an organized manner, buying under-cabinet shelves and hooks is a good idea. You can place plates on the shelves and hang coffee mugs on hooks. They not only look elegant but also create a lot of space for additional storage in the kitchen. Consider putting magnetic racks on the sides of your refrigerator and place all those knick-knacks that generally cover all the area of your kitchen countertop. You can also use wall hangers inside kitchen cabinets to keep lids and a rod with clips can be used to store open packets of spices and chips.

Rolling Racks

Rolling racks are big saviours when it comes to storing plenty of stuff in a small space especially when you need to organize things. Consider using a rolling rack for the things that you want to keep in easy reach. You can use them for keeping your accessories, spices, and even earrings.

Utilize your Bathroom Space Creatively

There are multiple ways that you can imply to utilize your bathroom space well, For example, you can place your beauty products by using Robern medicine cabinets. Use hanging racks in the bathroom that don’t need any drilling and can be easily installed. You can hang a plastic shoe organizer on your bathroom door to keep towels and other stuff. You can even hang it on your shower curtain to keep your shampoo and other material.

Bring out your creative side and organize the house in a way where it should look beautiful and spacious at the same time. Making room for books in a small place is a real pain but if you love reading and having books, it is a must thing for you. You can utilize the area behind the door of your living room if you do not have a place for a library. Consider uniquely installing a rack and decoratively place your books or you can buy a coffee table with side shelves so that you can enjoy reading while sipping your favorite coffee.

If you are moving to a new house, these ideas will help you make the most of the available space at your home.

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