Best Types of Tweezers for Plucking Your Eyebrows


You undoubtedly know how to pluck eyebrows with tweezers to achieve the perfect shape. But for a clean and polished look, you must ensure your tweezers can do the job well.

Since time immemorial, people have threaded, plucked, and tweezed their eyebrows. Today, we have many great tools to maintain eyebrows the right way, with tweezers being one of the most popular ones. If you’re also doing your brows with pluckers, today’s guide will help you pick the best tweezers for your collection of beauty tools.

Which Type of Tweezers is Best For Eyebrows?

Just like their owners, eyebrows are different. So, if you’re pursuing a pair of excellent tweezers, you need to know what type of brow hair you have. If you are an owner of thick brows prone to ingrown hairs, consider using precision tweezers. For fine untamed eyebrows, try straight-ended or slant-tip tools. Novice users, however, might be better off using rounded-tip pluckers. More universal solutions accommodate a wide range of tweezing needs, like pointed-slant or double-ended tweezers.

Today’s market is overflowing with plucking tools and tweezers in all sizes and shapes. And this choice overload might leave you confused and unable to pick excellent tweezers for your eyebrows. Below is a short breakdown of plucking tools that will help you buy tweezers for your killer eyebrows.

Precision Tweezers

As their name suggests, it allows for a more accurate and precise grasp of stray or hard-to-reach hairs. That is why it usually has pointed tips. While such tools might seem intimidating, they are a win-win solution for stubborn ingrown hairs and ideal for plucking the tiniest hairs.

Slant-Tip Tweezers

It can rightly be regarded as a versatile solution. They are easy to use and well-suited for grabbing the right quantity of hair, even the thinnest ones. This type of tweezer also minimizes the probability of pinching or otherwise damaging sensitive skin under the eyebrows. The slanted shape is ideal for contouring your brows, singling out, and removing wispy hairs.

Pointed-Slant Tweezers

A universal option would be pointed-slant tweezers. While it shouldn’t be considered a one-size-fits-all tool, it’s arguably the best type of tweezer for those who want the best of both worlds. Like its precision counterpart, the pointed-slant tweezer boasts a sharp tip that helps remove ingrown or hard-to-reach hairs. On the other hand, it can act as a normal slant-tip tweezer and have your back whenever you need to shape your brows quickly and accurately.

Round-Tip Tweezers

Round-tip tweezers are the safest option currently available on the market. If you don’t know how to pluck your eyebrows with tweezers that have rounded tips, don’t worry. Though they may feel a bit cumbersome at first, once you become practice and find the best angle, you’ll be able to masterfully tweeze and shape your brows without risking stabbing yourself accidentally.

Which tweezers are best for eyebrows? Now that you know so much about tweezer types and their uses, you can answer this question yourself.

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