Best Invisalign Tips and Tricks for New Users


Invisalign aligners are a tremendously popular and effective orthodontic treatment that provides the ability to reshape the structure of your teeth and mouth the way traditional metal braces have done for decades but without the clunky mouth apparatus. For new users, the Invisalign process is simple but takes some getting used to. Here are some tips and tricks (broken down into maintenance recommendations, consistency tips and attitude reminders) to help you get the hang of your new Invisalign lifestyle!

Maintenance Recommendations

  1. Clean Your Aligners

Just like your teeth, your aligners need to be kept clean to optimise your oral hygiene and the aligners effectiveness. Simply wash your aligners with an antibacterial soap once a day.

  1. Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Chetan from Sheffield private dentists Mola Dental said “You must floss and brush after every meal when you wear Invisalign.” When eating, remove your aligners and place them in a tray. Before putting them back in, make sure to floss and brush your teeth, making sure there is nothing to contaminate the aligners.

  1. Store Your Aligners in Your Aligner Tray

Once you become accustomed to removing your aligners, it can be easy to set them on the counter or on your bedside table. Do not do this! Always leave your aligners in their trays. This ensures that they are safe, clean and protects them from damage.

  1. Drink Only Water to Avoid Staining Your Aligners

The purpose of the Invisalign treatment is that they cannot be seen. That is why it is important to not drink anything other than water when you are wearing your Invisalign aligners. Any other liquid can stain them, ensuring that they will no longer be invisible.

  1. Chew Gum

Sugar-free gum is a great way to help clean your teeth and work through some of the discomfort that may come with your Invisalign treatment. After you remove your aligners and eat, chewing some sugar-free gum can be helpful for some. Remember to do this after you floss your teeth and brush!

Consistency Tips

  1. Wear Your Aligners 22 Hours a Day

To get results from the Invisalign treatment, they must be worn for the majority of your waking and sleeping hours! Wearing them for 22 hours a day gives your teeth the consistent pressure they need to adjust to their new position.

  1. Attend Every Scheduled Checkup

Never skip a scheduled appointment for your Invisalign. These routine checkups ensure proper progress is underway and, if necessary, make adjustments to the program.

  1. Follow Post Invisalign Procedures

It can be easy to assume that once the aligners come out, you are finished with the treatment, but this would be a mistake. Wearing a retainer for the 6 months after you are finished will solidify your progress and ensure a life full of beautifully straight teeth.

Attitude Reminders

  1. Anticipate Some Discomfort

There is bound to be some discomfort with your Invisalign treatment. This is normal! Expect a little bit of discomfort and rough times and find ways to help you through those moments.

  1. Stay Encouraged, Expect Great Results!

Don’t get discouraged! Quality results take time and even though the progress may seem slow, the ever-present (they are in for 22 hours a day) aligners will inevitably shift and adjust your teeth to exactly where you want them to go, giving you the beautiful smile you are looking for.

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