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All About Hybrid Mattresses and Why You Should Buy One

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses seamlessly marry two support systems: an innerspring system with memory foam layers. This mattress provides sleepers the memory foam’s pressure-relieving benefits while retaining the traditional feel of innerspring mattresses.

With the balanced combination of contouring comfort and sturdy support, more and more people are switching to hybrid mattresses! Instead of slim lines found in an all-foam bed, these mattresses are designed more like traditional mattresses. But what really makes mattresses of this kind appealing to people? Check the reasons why you should buy one below:

Added Support and Comfort

Basically, a hybrid mattress is constructed using more than one type of material. It has an innerspring core layer and many other layers resting on top of it. These layers are made from several materials, including memory foam, latex foam, latex, polyfoam, wool batting, cotton, or any others.

These mattresses use different types of materials, this only means that consumers can have the unique benefits that every material provides. For example, a hybrid mattress with an innerspring layer can offer a coil system’s support.

It can also be that the latex used in the mattress can make it bouncier and cooler to sleep on. And if it uses foam, your hybrid mattress can provide your body great comfort and contouring. That is to say; you will be getting the best out of several worlds. Check Newsweek’s review on the best hybrid mattresses and see which fits your needs the most.

Breathable Material

One of the many complaints against the standard technology of memory foam is that it traps too much body heat. But with this type of mattress, its technology focuses on providing sleepers a cooler sleeping experience. It owes its excellent breathability to its innerspring core.

This is because innerspring coils can transfer heat 28% much better than the traditional memory foam. And due to some of the latest advancements in the mattress industry, some of these mattresses are now offering top foam layers that have been designed with superb cooling technology.

Improved Versatility

When buying a mattress entirely made of foam, a manufacturer can only give you a limited number of benefits to play around with when shopping for one. But it is different from hybrid mattresses; it offers a whole new world of possibilities regarding how its materials and densities are merged together.

With a mattress that uses several materials in its construction, some of its consequences will include pleasing and comforting you. This type of mattress is excellent in addressing most types of sleepers as manufacturers have easy access to foam, coils, cotton, latex, and other materials.

Excellent Edge Support

A mattress’s edge support has to do with the structural integrity around the perimeter. Unlike other mattresses, hybrid mattresses are known for their excellent edge support, thanks to their sturdy structural spring system. This material can support your body to the edge, increasing the total surface area you can sleep on.

Innovative Technology

Indeed, these mattresses are one of the greatest innovations of the mattress industry. With this type of mattress, manufacturers are now trying to experiment and add more stuff to the combined materials. Sleepers can now enjoy as much support and comfort as they want.

Now that the mattress industry has ventured into things that help consumers sleep better at night, you will now see the age of innovative technology dawning on different hybrid mattress brands. You will now have several options on which hybrid to buy and see which will give you the most benefits. It can be expensive, but it will be worth it once you sleep on it.

Reduced Motion Transfer

Memory foam mattresses and even innerspring aren’t that popular for reducing motion transfer in their material. However, these mattresses are different. Its pocket coils are made of separately wrapped springs that any motion or sinking is isolated to an area where weight is placed. The top foam layer also helps absorb turbulence in motion when sleeping.

Wider Firmness Options

Hybrid mattresses made by a reputable brand that is serious about making excellent mattresses usually provide its consumers’ plenty of options for firmness. When shopping, you can find several of these mattresses and many more that provide you with at least two to three firmness options catering to your sleeping position.

But you should also remember that the firmness of the mattress you choose must match your body type and sleeping habits. For example, people who like sleeping on their sides are more comfortable in a mattress that features a softer comfort layer. But people who sleep on their stomachs might need a much firmer bed to prevent their hips from sinking.


It is better to have proper knowledge before a significant investment, especially when buying a new mattress. So, if you have been eyeing a hybrid mattress to replace your current mattress, you have come to the right place. The benefits of hybrid mattresses listed above can help you decide on which feature to find when shopping.


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