Advertising As The Most Efficient Way Of Mobile App Monetization

It is obvious that mobile apps are being developed not only for the users to enjoy them and make their lives easier. Every developer wants to obtain some revenue and there are various ways to achieve it, starting from paid download on and out to advertising. The latter method is one of the most popular ones and below we discuss how to use it to monetize your Android or iOS application.

Monetization via advertising

This strategy is becoming more and more popular as it is much more efficient in comparison to others. Let’s look back on at alternative options:

  • Paid download;
  • Paid subscription;
  • In-app purchases within free-to-play apps;
  • Freemium model.

All the above mentioned models mean that the users need to pay but they are becoming less and less beneficial for their developers. There are about 5 million apps on the App Store and Google Play, the majority of which are free. However, they all can be monetized via programmatic advertising. It is the tool which allows the developers to obtain their income from advertisers and not the users. This makes the strategy beneficial for everyone: the users don’t have to pay for anything and enjoy the free app, whereas the app owner still gets the revenue.

How to earn on programmatic advertising

Each programmatic advertising service has two platforms – for the supply and for the demand side. If you want to monetize your Android or iOS application, you need to choose the right service and register at the Supply Side Platform (SSP). It helps the seller choose the best rate during the bidding. Basically, you offer your app as an advertising slot and the robot adds it to the catalog and automatically suggests it for advertising.

The ad platform is chosen without any human interference. It means that you register at a programmatic advertising service, set up your ad campaign in your personal account, and that’s it – you only need to check your income.

What is there for the users? They are going to be shown only those ads that might interest them. The software examines the target audience and on the basis of such data as the interests, hobbies, etc, chooses the ads to show. This way the ads do not annoy your users and they might actually be interested in the offers. There is one more advantage – you as the app owner start making money right after you have set up your account.

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