About Terpenes: Pienne


It’s hard to dispute the influential role that terpenes play when it comes to enjoying a rewarding CBD experience. CBD that has been extracted using all-natural, full-spectrum techniques ensure the unique profile of the terpenes can be fully enjoyed and appreciated. One of the most delectable terpenes is Pienne, which is central to so many flavours within HighKind’s impressive range of CBD products. To provide you with more insight into terpenes, here’s what you need to know about Pienne.

The origins of Pienne

Pienne is present in a vast array of plants and food and is one of the most prevalent terpenes in the botanical world. One of the primary sources of Pienne is the resin of pine trees (hence the name), in addition to the likes of big sagebursh and camphorweed.  When it comes to day-to-day consumption, Pienne is readily available in the likes of basil, pine nuts, and some species of lime. Relevant to CBD cultivation, Pienne is also a terpene within the cannabis plant, and can be extracted to form some delightful CBD profiles.

How does Pienne taste?

Given its origins, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Pienne boasts a unique woody pine taste. You will also detect some resinous flavours, which contribute to the distinct and sought-after flavour profile of this unique terpene. In the world of CBD, there are two variations of Pienne, aptly named Alpha-Pienne and Beta-Pienne. Alpha-Pienne delivers that delicious whiff of fresh-cut conifer and is the type found in cannabis plants.

What are the benefits of Pienne?

As well as being undeniably delicious, Pienne also provides you with a range of mental and physical benefits, as is the case with many terpenes. Specifically, Pienne is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties and may have a positive impact on your respiratory function. A 2015 study discovered that Alpha-Pienne contributed to a clear improvement in respiratory function among the participants. What’s more, some users noted that they experienced an improvement in their concentration levels after taking Pienne.

Do HighKind products contain Pienne?

Given its multitude of benefits and delicious flavour profile, Pienne is present in lots of HighKind’s CBD products. One of the most popular is Hawaiian Haze, which is a sweet citrus blend that has been exceedingly popular for a long time. Its secret is a combination of Pienne and Guaiacum to deliver tropical perfection. Another HighKind classic that boasts Pienne is OG Kush, alongside the likes of Humulene and Linalool. Blue Lavender is another that is bursting with Pienne, and achieves a soothing sensation thanks to the addition of Caryophyllene and Myrcene.

If you’re ready to experience the taste and health benefits of Pienne, browse through HighKind’s extensive product collection today to find the perfect CBD product for you. With a range of options and flavour profiles, you are truly spoiled for choice

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