8 YouTube Channel Ideas That Will Gather A Lot Of Subscribers

Channel Ideas

At the moment, YouTube has more than 31 million channels. As you may already realize, this number makes the competition fierce, with many niches being oversaturated. However, even within the most popular niches, you can still find channel ideas that are original and will get you a lot of subscribers. In this article, you will find the most interesting channel ideas that will help you stand out among the competition. However, when you establish your channel, make sure that you visit the best site to buy subscribers to help it in the beginning.

#1 Gaming Top 10 Lists

Channel Ideas

Gaming is probably the most popular niche on the platform, with millions of users interested in it. Even though it shows high competition, it still holds a lot of potential for success. To stand out in gaming, you will need to find an original idea. Combining it with the top 10 lists, another popular niche, will help you get a lot of subscribers. Therefore, gaming top 10 lists are an interesting and original idea. As you can see in the image, What Culture Gaming has found many interesting topics to create various gaming top 10 lists. However, make sure that you visit the best site to buy real youtube subscribers before you start posting your content.

#2 Comedy Web Series

Another great idea for a YouTube channel is to create a comedy web series. To do that, you will need talent in writing and plenty of creativity. Even with a few pieces of equipment and only a couple of actors, you can create a web series that will attract a lot of subscribers. This idea has a big advantage that its serialized. This means that if users like your first episodes, they will subscribe to your channel to watch the rest of them as you upload them. Remember that every episode should be between 5-10 minutes long so that viewers can easily watch them without getting bored.

#3 Reaction Videos in a Specific Niche

Channel Ideas

In recent years, reaction videos have risen in popularity. This has led to the establishment of many YouTube channels that focus on reacting to a single niche. For example, Legal Eagle is a channel that reacts only to lawyers and court scenes in movies and television series. Similarly, you can find channels that react to medical scenes, to cooking scenes, even architects reacting to video game imagery. So, if you have a particular skill, you can use it to create reaction videos that are sure to get the users’ attention. In the beginning, the best site to buy subscribers will help you boost your channel and reach more users.

#4 Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle vlogging has consistently been one of the most popular niches on YouTube and it still continues to dominate the platform. Therefore, it is only natural that this channel idea will bring you a lot of subscribers. The big benefit of this niche is that it is very flexible as you can talk about anything that concerns you. Recently, you can find many channels that talk about customs, tradition, and every day lives in various foreign countries. If you are from a country that sounds interesting to many users, like Korea or Japan, this channel idea is the best one for you.

#5 Celebrity Gossip Videos

Channel Ideas


Many users are interested and enjoy learning what their favorite celebrities have been up to. If you search on YouTube, you will find many channels that only focus on celebrity news and gossip. This channel idea has a lot of potential for success. However, you will need to search for the latest news daily and, in some cases, upload videos every day. In the image, you can see the schedule of Clevver News, a channel that specializes in celebrity news and gossip. They have two daily series and three weekly ones. Nevertheless, with the right promotion from the best site to buy subscribers, you can create an awesome channel.

#6 Pranks

Another channel idea that has consistently been very popular is that of pranks. If you take a look at the most popular pranks channels, like The Daily Dropout, you will find that each video has millions of views and likes. This type of content is very entertaining and for this reason, many users like to watch it. Even lifehacks channels, like 123! Go and 5-minute Crafts, have tried to adopt this idea within their type of content. No matter what type of prank you would like to shoot, though, make sure that you boost it with views and likes from the best site to buy subscribers.

#7 Various Time Lapse Videos

Various Time Lapse Videos

There is no denying that time-lapse videos are very popular nowadays. The most-watched among them are the travel ones. For this type of content, you have to shoot continuously for a long time so that you can show the passage of time. Many users are interested in traveling like to watch time-lapse videos of various cities. However, you can take it one step further and create time-lapse videos of various things. If you take a look at Temponaut Timelapse’s channel, you will find that the content includes travel time-lapse to food and insects’ ones.

#8 Fail and Funny Compilations

YouTube and social media are filled with video compilations with fails and funny pets. In fact, channels with this type of content are very popular on the platform with millions of users and video views. In recent months, fail and funny Tik Tok compilations have started to rise in popularity. Therefore, if you create a channel like this, you will gain a lot of subscribers. The big advantage of this idea is that you can find plenty of videos to use on social media, and especially on Tik Tok. To help your channel stand out in the beginning, visit the best site to buy subscribers and boost your channel.

Spotting an original idea is an important step to create a successful YouTube channel. Remember that you can grow it faster by getting likes and views from the best site to buy subscribers.

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