7 Important Things to Know Before Moving To Omaha


When moving to a place like Nebraska, you may get a few strange looks from others, but rest assured this state is not just cornfields and farmland. In particular, Omaha, Nebraska’s largest city is certainly not a small farming town. In contrast to the surrounding area, Omaha is a thriving city attracting Fortune 500 companies from around the world. If you are moving to this amazing part of the country, there are some things you will want to know, so here are a few tips for moving to Omaha.

You Will Need a Car, Probably

Large cities often have amazing transit systems to take everyone where they want to go, and Omaha is certainly no exception in this notion. However, its transit system is not as complex as many large cities you might be used to and unlike certain cities where parking is a true luxury, Omaha has been built to have plenty of parking for all. Most residents of the city use the transit system only when necessary or to simply save miles on their vehicles. It is not as essential in a city like Omaha, but it is nice to know in the event of car trouble, you can still make it to your destination with relative ease.

Extreme Heat and Intense Cold

Nebraska is located right in the center of America within the Great Plains and the Midwestern United States. Its location makes it a state where the weather can go to extremes. During the summer, temperatures into the 100s are not uncommon and come wintertime, you will want to bundle up, especially due to the average winter temps maintaining around 10 degrees F. Ensure that you have a high-quality summer and winter wardrobe to account for any and all weather conditions.

“Nebraska Nice” is a Real Thing

When moving to a bustling and busy place like LA or New York to a place like Nebraska can be a bit of a culture shock. In Omaha, things move a little slower. The people are not as busy, and they take time for one another. The old state motto for Nebraska was actually, “Nebraska Nice” for many years and that notion has taken root in the state’s citizens. Everyone is nice in Omaha and it is something you will have to adjust to. Someone is always willing to help change a tire or go get gas for your car and no, it is not some type of weird angle they are playing. People in Omaha are actually that nice, so smile, thank them for the help, and pay it forward to the next person you see in need.

Rent a Storage Unit

Home prices in Omaha are relatively easy to take when compared to other parts of the country, but while moving to the area, you may want to live in an apartment or home rental before placing down roots and making a purchase. In this instance, storage units in Omaha are essential tools for every new resident. Apartments can sometimes be smaller than your previous home and a storage unit can give you the extra space you need in a more affordable way. Additionally, having a storage unit can help you move in slowly and organize your new space to fit your needs, so you will definitely want to rent a storage unit while moving to Omaha.

Tailgating is King

Ok, so technically, Omaha does not have a professional sports team. You are not going to see a professional game, but that does not mean these people do not know how to have a good time on game days. Husker’s football and the college world series are held in Omaha and you can bet on game day, there is plenty of tailgating to be found. Set up your spot at TD Ameritrade Park and enjoy time with friends tailgating before the big game.

An Emphasis on Steak

For anyone who loves steak, Omaha is the place to be. Omaha Steaks are world-famous and are often sent as gifts to friends and family, but they are not the only steak establishment in town. Omaha is home to a variety of steak restaurants including Johnny’s Café and Brother’s Sebastian, so if you love a good streak, you have come to the right city.

Old Market is the Place to Be

Every city seems to have a hub for entertainment and shopping. In Omaha, that is Old Market. This area was once a warehouse district but has since become the place to see and seen. With spectacular food offerings, arts venues, and endless shopping, you will certainly not get bored in the Old Market. In the evening, the shops may close, but the nightlife comes alive with breweries and live music venues taking over the landscape.

Omaha, Nebraska has come a long way in recent years and if you are seeking a change of pace but want to still maintain a city structure of living, Omaha is the place to be. This city boasts tons of character and plenty to keep you and your family busy all the time. Omaha has many parks and recreational opportunities, not to mention all the many outdoor activities available for everyone of every age. Omaha seems to have it all from business to leisurely living, so you cannot go wrong moving to this wonderful slice of America.

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