5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Psychic


Hiring a psychic can be a thrilling and insightful experience, one that offers you a glimpse into the future or a deeper understanding of your personal emotions and life situations.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on your relationships, work and career, or life choices, a psychic reading will provide some clarity. However, not all psychics have the same level of skill, ethics, and/or professionalism.

So, it is essential to know what to ask any psychic that you are considering hiring before you make your final decision on who to go with. Below you will find 5 of the most important questions that you need to ask.

What Are Your Methods & Tools?

Different psychics have various methods and tools that they use for readings.

Some psychics will use tarot cards, others crystals and astrology. Some may rely on energy readings, while others focus on clairvoyance or intuition.

Be sure to ask any psychic that you visit what specific methods they will be using in your readings? Find out if they have any particular tools or instruments, such as tarot cards, that they rely on too.

Odds are that you will have some intuition as to which methods will work best for you, so trust your instinct and go with the psychic that uses the methods which match your personal style.

Do not forget to find out how your readings will be delivered too. Many find an online psychic chat the most convenient where others insist on in-person readings.

What is Your Experience & Why Should You Be Trusted?

While psychic abilities are often innate and unique to the individual, many reputable psychics have undergone training or certification in their craft.

Be sure to find out if they have any formal training, certifications, and/or affiliations with psychic organizations that they can share with you.

Naturally you should look for a more experienced psychic, who has developed their skills and psychic abilities over several years.

The best psychics will be proud to tell you exactly how many years of experience they have and who they have helped. Ask for references and testimonials whenever possible also.

What Do You Specialize in?

Most psychics tend to specialize in particular areas, like relationships and career guidance, or spiritual growth and connecting with deceased loved ones.

Make sure you find out what the specialization is of the psychic that you are thinking about hiring, and consider if this aligns with what you are hoping to get out of your sessions.

For those who specialize in a couple of different areas, ask how they approach each individual and situation to tailor their readings to what you are wanting to achieve.

Ask if they have had any notable successes in any particular field, and what they’re known for.

What Are Your Ethics & Boundaries?

Ethics in a psychic reading is crucial, and understanding what the psychic is willing to do or not do will help ensure that the session is comfortable and safe for both parties.

Ask them to explain their ethical guidelines, and which questions or subjects they’re not willing to address in your readings.

Find out how they keep your privacy and confidentiality front of mind too.

What Are the Costs & Logistics of Your Psychic Services?

Understanding the practicalities of the sessions is essential to ensure a smooth experience.

Before you agree to anything, you need to understand what are your fees, and what do the costs include?

You must also confirm how long a typical session will last, and what their cancellation policy is.


Hiring a psychic will be a deeply personal and enlightening experience, ensuring you choose the right person for your readings.

Taking the time to ask the five critical questions listed above will ensure that you find the right match for your needs and expectations.

By understanding their methods, credentials, specializations, ethics, and logistics, you can enter your reading sessions with clarity and confidence, prepared for a meaningful and satisfying encounter with the spiritual realm.

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