5 Costly Makeup Mistakes That Ruins Your Beauty Every Time


It’s easy to conclude that makeup artists just put one layer of makeup after another and come out with a flawless face. After all, that’s what we see in videos. But the real secret is that over the years, they learnt the dos and don’ts of the craft.

You can purchase the best makeup in town, but it won’t matter if the makeup doesn’t suit you. The first step to getting your makeup to look fabulous is knowing what makeup mistakes you are making. Here are some common mistakes that people make every time. Also, now-a-days the technology has enhanced in the beauty industry as well, with quality products for safe removal of skin imperfections, cosmetic treatments and Dermavel is one of the finest amongst this advanced beauty technology.

● Using the Wrong Foundation Shade

Your foundation is truly the foundation holding all other makeup in place. If you get your foundation wrong, rest assured everything else will go awry. Unfortunately, when buying foundation, the most common mistake that women make is opting for a lighter shade than their skin tone.

While this might seem like the right idea at first, it will render your makeup uneven and cakey. Instead, match your foundation with the exact tone of your skin color. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your makeup does not look cakey and that it blends into your own skin color seamlessly, giving off a beautiful radiance.

● Not applying Primer Before Your Eye Makeup

If you’re similar to the majority of people, then your eyelids are oily by nature. Therefore, primer is necessary to ensure that the beautiful brows & lashes you’ve done don’t wear off over time. Eye shadow primers not only lock in color but also help prevent streaks in your eye shadow. With eye shadow primer, you can create even bolder eyeliners thanks to its ability to make lighter shadows seem more vivid!

● Wearing a Lip Liner That Drastically Contrasts with Your Lipstick

One of the major beauty mistakes that women make is using a Lip Liner that contrasts with their lipstick. People who do that always look like such obvious beauty beginners. Also, lip liners should be used with lipstick. They shouldn’t be worn alone because although some may find the look very chic, it’s just too much color on your face.

● Using Dirty Blenders and Brushes

You may tempted to apply your makeup without cleaning your brushes, but that is a terrible idea. Makeup application tools such as brushes and sponges should be cleaned thoroughly between use. This is because they can harbor bacteria, which can cause blemishes and breakouts if they touch your face. So, if you have sensitive, oily skin or dry, you must wipe off any excess product from your brushes after each use. Leaving them and then using the brushes on your face will further clog your pores and cause acne and breakouts!

● Skipping The Neck Entirely

The goal of make-up is to enhance your face, but a typical beauty blunder is focusing solely on the face and ignoring the neck. The neck is close to the face and usually exposed. Therefore, when you don’t match your neck to your face, your face will look separated from your neck. It might also give the impression that your neck is older than your face, which is disconcerting to consider. Instead, use the same foundation coat and mix it in properly.

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