5 Benefits of Choosing a Local Independent Pharmacy


There was a time when people purchased medication from their local shops. Then the world became increasingly globalized, and disruptive technology emerged, encouraging people to broaden their horizons and order from international chains.

Consequently, this overshadowed many local pharmaceuticals and also inadvertently impacted the economy. However, sticking to your local chains has many benefits.

According to Inside RX, there are over 600 pharmacies in Iowa. So if you already have many pharmacies in your hometown, why do you need to go out and look for more?

The following illustrates reasons why you should stick to buying from your local market:

1. Customized Service

The difference between a local pharmacy and a large chain pharmaceutical is the ability to form human connections.

A pharmacist selling medication from their tiny space is far more likely to greet you, get to know you, and ask you details about your health.

On the other hand, if you visit a large retail chain, you’ll be left alone to find your medicine and be checked out without any interaction.

While both perform the same task, only one outlet shows a deep concern for your health. As a result, they can help guide you effectively based on your specific medical needs.

So, do some research and find a suitable Iowa City pharmacy that will have the meds you need at affordable rates.

Another advantage of using a local pharmacy is that the pharmacist will take the time to cure your ailment. If you purchased medicine from here before but see no signs of healing, your pharmacist will help you find a suitable balm.

They do this by asking questions about how long you have been injured and if you experienced any side effects.

2. Provide You With Scans and Advice

Pharmacies can screen you, update your immunization records, or consult you on basic healthcare problems like a sudden shift in your weight or if you’re looking for a machine to monitor your blood pressure.

Unlike big pharmaceuticals, a local pharmacist will listen to your condition thoroughly, ask you a series of questions regarding your health, and then advise you on your next move.

Pharmacists have a rudimentary understanding of the human body, but they understand the biochemistry behind pills and how it interacts with your bloodstream.

Based on their knowledge and the information you provide, they can give you a rough diagnosis of what you may have.

Pharmacists also have access to tools like X-rays and MRI machines, which allow them to gauge deeper into your health condition and further specify their guidelines.

Additionally, if you’re dealing with infections like the common cold, have burns on your skin, or are experiencing an asthma attack, they can intervene and treat you for it.

3. Convenient Location

Unless you plan on driving for an hour to get to big pharmacies downtown, use the pharmacy in your neighborhood.

The one found in your area may not only be close by but can save you fuel money. You can easily walk to this venue and get the necessary medication without the hassle of pulling out of your car.

Using your local pharmacy as your first option to get your pills is best since you can stop by here on your way back from work or school before heading home.

If you struggle with mobility issues and need to use a wheelchair or cannot travel long distances, a local pharmacy is an ideal choice to get what you need relatively conveniently.

Furthermore, most local pharmacies are far more flexible about working hours. They can stay open later and even operate through the weekends.

Your local pharmacist may also offer home delivery and arrange to drop off your medication whenever needed. This makes these establishments disabled-friendly and convenient.

4. A Chance to Help the Community

If you buy local, you’re supporting local businesses. This, in turn, allows you to give back to your local economy and enable it to flourish. Purchasing from your local pharmacy is like supporting a small business.

You’re feeding the economy, which creates room to bring in more jobs and reduce the chances of recession. Local pharmacies are also more in tune with the needs of their community.

They may share a bond with everyone who shops from them, so you buying from their business will mean the world to them.

Likewise, if you’re looking for more specialty products like kombucha, herbal medication, home massage balms, and cough drops, your local pharmacy will most likely stock them.

Big pharmacy names keep their stocks strictly limited to medications and brand names. You may find pills and syrups there, which may be imported, but you may not find locally-produced meds.

5. Familiarity with Neighborhood

Local pharmacists are far more aware of the socioeconomic status that engulfs the neighborhood.

This means they’re more forthcoming and flexible while setting up a payment method instead of pushing everyone to pay upfront.

They may also stock up on medications most commonly used in the area, like anti-allergy pills, and order them ahead of time to ensure the community gets the medicine they need on time.

At the same time, a pharmacist may be better attuned to how you live and can offer your lifestyle advice based on what they observe.

For example, if your neighborhood has an affordable burger place, it is apparent that you and your community may frequent that place to get your meals, contributing to your declining health.

So when you fall sick, a pharmacist may already know how to help you—like, give you a list of herbal remedies backed by science.

Final Thoughts

As part of your healthcare care plan, you must have a good pharmacy nearby to provide you with all you need to maintain your health. This is why choosing a local pharmacy has many benefits.

Unlike big franchises and pharmaceuticals managed by large corporations, local pharmacies operate on a much smaller scale and are often localized.

These establishments aim to serve the local community and stock according to the neighborhood.

Therefore, as a resident, you can enjoy many perks of working with these establishments.

For one, they’ll provide specific guidelines on maintaining your health, connect you with products that may benefit you, and stay open through the late hours of the night.

These enterprises may also see you more than a consumer and will extend cordial relationships of kinship with you, which is a refreshing change from the cold, detached big pharmacies.

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