5 Activities That Help You Improve Your IQ


The intelligence quotient or IQ is a measure of a person’s intelligence using standardized tests. The average human IQ is between 80 and 120; while geniuses typically score above 130.

There is a general belief amongst many people that they don’t have much control over their intelligence. For them, Intelligence is purely a product of nature and you pretty much have to go through life with whatever you’re given at birth.

However, the concept of neuroplasticity in brain science research has shown that the brain is adaptable throughout life and that intelligence can be improved as one ages.

There are some activities and lifestyle habits that can help improve both aspects of intelligence i.e. crystallized intelligence (intelligence associated with intellectual skills) and fluid intelligence (intelligence associated with abstract reasoning). Here, we reveal five of those activities which can transform into an Einstein over time.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a powerful technique to improve your IQ. It is a brain exercise that teaches the mind to become silent and more observant.

Different studies show that meditation improves; executive functioning, working memory, attention, visuospatial processing, recognition ability, anxiety, and mood. Interestingly, these effects are readily observable after just four days of meditation. Another systematic review showed that meditation helped prevent age-related cognitive decline.

By meditating for at least 15-30 minutes every day, you would be able to improve your IQ over time.

2. Online games

Though the popularity and overuse of smartphones are theorized to be contributing factors to a reduced IQ, online games played on these smartphones are shown to improve intelligence.

Studies have shown that games like poker and blackjack, available in the best payout online casino UK, stimulate players to think logically and by so doing, improve their cognitive functions and IQ.

By presenting players with situations where their success or failure is dependent on their decisions, these games also improve other aspects of mental functioning including decision making and risk management.

3. Dieting

A number of dieting practices and habits have been shown to be effective in improving the IQ if applied over well.

In the first place, Western diets which are characterized by high intake of red meat, processed meat, fried foods, dairy, etc. have been linked with an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders and cognitive impairment.

On the other hand, the Mediterranean diet, characterized by a high intake of plant-based foods like olives, fruits, and whole grains, etc. have been associated with improved memory, cognition, and brain volume.

Intermittent fasting, followed by normal intake of regular meals has also been shown to make the brain more resilient to damage and as a result improve the IQ.

4. Music

Researches have shown music-related activities including writing and instrument playing to have a positive effect on the IQ, with one study revealing that on average, musicians have better working memory than non-musicians.

The art of writing and playing instruments engages various aspects of mental power including; logical reasoning, auditory perception, physical coordination, and pattern recognition which challenge cognitive abilities. Therefore, engaging in music either by writing or by picking up an instrument might just be what you need to unlock your brilliance.

5. Sleep more

Nothing you do to enhance your intelligence will be effective if your brain is unable to rest and recover its functions. Sleep provides this rest to your neurons and is essential for supporting optimal cognitive function.

Sleep allows your brain to retain the memories it formed during the day and enhances its ability to learn new information and form new memories.

Studies find that sleep deprivation leads to poorer working memory n individuals. So be sure to get that sleep.


Intelligence is an attractive trait in any human and everyone wants to have more of it. As such, any activity which can boost intelligence should be held religiously.

Your intelligence is not just in your genes, it’s also in your hands.

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