4 Most Common Factors Influencing Personality Traits of a Person


Personality is a combination of the traits, attitudes, temperament, and values that make each person unique. The word comes from the Latin term “persona,” meaning mask. This refers to the different roles people play (e.g., at work and with friends).

Of the many different things, genetics can influence personality traits of a person from their birth. Genes are the fundamental units of heredity. These are made up of DNA, one of the pivotal factors in how a person psychologically grows and develops into an adult.

This article is the best choice if you are looking for something more detailed about how personality traits are influenced.

Genetic make-up and Heredity

Genetics is a significant factor in personality traits. Genes control the way you look, act and feel. According to the American Psychological Association, they can influence personality traits and change through time.

DNA testing is a way to determine which aspects of your personality are influenced by genetics. A DNA test reveals your genetic makeup based on certain genes inherited from your parents or grandparents.

Home Environment

The home environment is another factor that influences a person’s character traits. Your parents might be strict with you, or they may not care about your actions at all. You might want to be like them or do everything opposite of what they do.

Your siblings can also influence your personality trait. Because if one sibling does something wrong and the other does not say anything about it, you may make fun of the person who did something wrong because they were too afraid to stand up for themselves in front of others.

Cultural influences

Culture can be a powerful force in influencing a person’s personality traits. The influence of culture may not always be evident, but it is there nonetheless. Some cultural influences are positive, while others adversely affect people’s personalities.

How you were raised and the culture in which you grew up are huge factors that will determine who you are today and what kind of person you become as an adult.

Suppose your parents taught you to think for yourself and encouraged individuality. In that case, chances are your personality will reflect these values more than those raised by parents with stringent rules about how children should behave and think.

School Environment

School is where most kids spend their childhood. Therefore, it is where they grow and nurture an attitude and temperament towards other students or teachers.

For example, a good school environment where you feel comfortable and confident to speak your mind and share your thoughts with others will help build your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.

A bad school environment can make people feel anxious or nervous around other students, causing them to be quiet or shy about sharing their opinions and thoughts.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of these points, it is essential to mention that genetics can influence personality traits more than anything else. Therefore, no matter how a person reacts at home, school, or coming across culture, it is just a reciprocated result of their original personality. If you are eager to know what your genes say about your personality, the best way is to do a DNA test.

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