10 Tips To Get A Luxurious Bathroom Look for Cheap


Luxurious Bathroom: Bathrooms are the hardest working area in our house, packing plenty of functionality in one small room that is made highly challenging lesser space you get.

From bathtub to shower and toilet to vanity, it is quite overwhelming to think about how to give a different look to your bathroom without spending a huge amount of money knocking down walls. For people embarking upon the bathroom remodel, getting a “luxurious” feel is the sought-after result. This said, people, having the small bathroom think the luxury experience is totally out of reach. But, even small bathrooms can get the spa-like feel and integrate luxuriousness in your compact bathroom ideas. Let us check out how:

1. Hang oversized art

One single oversized artwork piece is another luxurious wall decor choice. Have a small bathroom? Much better and big art can do wonders for space, as well. It will serve to anchor the smaller space. The unexpectedness of seeing a 5foot framed art piece in the smallish room helps to reinforce an idea of ‘borrowing’ the inspiration from an upmarket space. Just make sure your piece is framed appropriately to protect against moisture & steam damage. You can also try new home tech trends like trying IoT devices for automatic on and off of lights.

2. Choose Glass

If you can extend your budget a little to the new shower, then you must consider choosing a glass (no steel) shower. It not just looks stunning but also provides the illusion of a little more space –mainly when creating the walk-in shower.

3. Think of greenery

The bathroom must not be the plant-free zone and not just do they help to clear air, but they are the simple way of adding personality, color, and drama to the stale bathroom. Thanks to a higher level of humidity, plants are simple to keep alive (for the green thumb!). Not very sure what type of plants is good? You can try bamboo, aloe vera, or philodendrons.

4. Use bold prints

Keeping your bathroom color scheme neutral and monotone is always the best bathroom ideas for the smaller space; but, using bold prints as the accents does give your bathroom interesting depth & dimension. You may consider going with the bolder and colorful accents as the backsplash.

5. Use white shade for simplicity

The white cabinets & countertops create a backdrop for the simple & elegant bathroom. Make use of the light neutral color & white bath linens for creating the high-end bathroom style. The casual bathroom will look expensive in case you splurge on the quality rugs and white towels. You can pair the white linens with neutral accessories and tie everything together.

6. Update fixtures

Copper, rose gold, and matte black bathroom fixtures give a different look and feel, and they look stunning. Switching out the default bathroom tapware to give something unique and chic is a simple and effective way of adding elegance to the bathroom.

7. Grout color

Tiling your wall surface provides it with a nice polished look, however, the costs will add up. The white ceramic subway tiles will be an affordable choice at most of the big-box stores, however, the finished look will sometimes appear a bit flat. You can make the installation stand out just by using dark and colored grout. Grey grout costs the same as white shade.

8. Add a medicine cabinet

Get extra storage area & a smoother look that includes the recessed medicine storage cabinet over vanity. Just by fixing this some jots inside a wall, you get the required space & make the bathroom look silken & advanced. An extra wall framing work does not ordinarily cost so much in a first-class scheme for the full bathroom restoration.

9. Arrange things artfully

You need to consider the counter: Are your hygiene and beauty supplies strewn randomly? In case so, adding some small trays will mean the difference between the mess and artful arrangement. Apothecary jars are yet another beautiful way of displaying small and necessary items, which often come in the gaudy packaging.

10. Add a big and unusual mirror

To elevate the look of your bathroom, select a large mirror with a unique and interesting shape or finish like Moroccan, gold, and tortoiseshell. Make a strong and unique style statement, thus adding the oversized mirror—particularly extending all way to the ceiling—can add visual space & drama.

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